Instagram was tricked to believe that its CEO Adam Mosseri was dead

According to an unusual turn of events, the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, was deceived into believing that he had died. A prominent fraudster was able to take down Mosseri’s Instagram account, but it wasn’t all the fault of the social media platform. He took advantage of Instagram’s Memorialization option, which can be used to notify the company that the account holder has died, and exploited it to his advantage. It’s a little unusual that Instagram’s functionality was used against the company’s founder and CEO.

In September, according to Motherboard, Mosseri’s account was shut down when a fraudster took advantage of the app’s memorialization function and reported him as having died. The memorialization option, which is now available on Facebook, was recently extended to Instagram as well, according to the company. Users can provide information to the company about the passing of an account holder by filling out a simple form that is easily accessible through the app. However, the user is also needed to submit a copy of the death certificate or other documentation proving that the user who is reporting the account is a member of the deceased’s immediate family in addition to the account report.

If you are able to give Instagram accurate and legitimate information, the social media platform will prevent anyone from accessing or entering into the account. Anyone who has access to the account after the request has been authorised will not be allowed to make any modifications to the content that is already public.

Motherboard spoke with the fraudster who claimed credit for the account closure of Mosseri, who said that the app accepts death certificates from the account holder, who had gone away. Therefore, the fraudster, who goes by the name of Syenrai, made a false death notice and posted it on the internet.

‘I have a method that is as basic as looking up an internet obituary of a recently deceased person.’ In the following step, I submit a commemorate request for the victim’s account, which is processed by support within 1-2 business days of receiving the obituary I obtained on the internet. The target will be remembered as long as the obituary is fresh (i.e., published within the same week). According to him, “it works 98 per cent of the time.”

In September, Instagram announced that Mosseri’s account had been restricted; nonetheless, the business responded quickly to remedy the situation. As with other internet services, Instagram includes online tools to assist users in reporting suspicious behaviour or notifying us of the death of a friend or family member. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of these forms, so we employ investigators and cybersecurity specialists to identify scammers’ tactics, allowing us to improve and make it increasingly difficult for them to do business with us.” According to a spokesman for Instagram, the magazine.