Google adds Gmail iOS widget and Google Meet PiP compatibility

There will be a new widget added to the Gmail app for iOS that will have the same functionality as the Android version. Google released a snapshot of the inbox, which includes three recent emails that include the sender and the subject line.

According to Google, the new widget will display the senders and topics of the user’s most recent emails on the user’s home screen when the widget is activated. Google has stated that the new widget will be available in the coming weeks, according to their website. The change comes after Gmail for iOS dropped a previous version of the widget that had not been well embraced by the user community.

Google began distributing the widget with iOS 14 in November of last year. It provided users with a restricted set of activities that had been available to Android users for years. The inbox, the compose menu, and search were all available as fast links. Despite this, there was no preview of the contents of the inbox, and there was no opportunity to read, archive, or delete messages without first starting the programme.

According to The Verge, the widget’s lack of functionality was due to Apple’s limits, and that while the rules have not changed, the new design would allow users to see more information about what is in their inbox and how much space it takes up.

The Google Meet and Google Sheets applications are also receiving upgrades from Google. In addition, Picture-in-Picture capability will be added to Google Meet for iOS, which will make multitasking more convenient for iOS users.

Google said that the functionality will be made available for the Gmail app in the coming weeks as well as the web browser. Users will be able to navigate out of the Google Meet app while the meeting is still in progress as a result of this. Users may minimise their meeting in a window that can be moved about their home screen when they go to another programme, such as to exchange a document or check something up. A new feature will also be added to allow users to scale the meeting window or move it off to the side if they require additional workspace to complete another task.

Users using Google Sheets for iOS will now be able to make use of additional keyboard shortcuts, according to Google. As Google points out, shortcuts make it easier to execute routine and complicated activities on a tiny keyboard in Google Sheets. Google states that shortcuts are functional if users are working with their iPad through Bluetooth or Magic Keyboards. While holding down the command button, a selection of shortcuts will appear for users to choose from.