Facebook has launched its video calling days ahead of Amazon’s hardware event

Facebook has announced the release of two new video-calling gadgets. Facebook has announced the Portal Go and Portal+, two new video-calling gadgets that will be added to its existing portfolio of video calling devices. The Portal devices are available in two different display sizes: 10 inches and 14 inches. It’s interesting to note that Facebook introduced its video calling feature only a few days before Amazon’s hardware presentation, which is slated to take place on Sept. 28. Amazon’s hardware presentation is likely to include the introduction of a new array of Echo smart gadgets.

“Today, we’re introducing two new additions to the Portal family of video chatting devices: the 10-inch portable Portal Go and our next-generation Portal+ with a 14-inch high-definition tilting display,” Facebook said on its blog in announcing the gadgets. Pre-orders for Portal Go and Portal+ are now being accepted at portal.facebook.com, with shipment scheduled to begin on October 19. With Portal for Business, we’re also launching several new features geared for small enterprises.

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The display on Portal Go+ is 14 inches in size, whereas the display on Portal Go is 10 inches in size. According to Facebook, the Portal Go takes smart camera video calling to a new, more portable form factor with the Portal Go.

In order to make mobility simpler, the Portal devices are equipped with long-lasting batteries. The Portal Go is equipped with a 12MP camera with an ultra-wide field of vision, allowing users to engage in immersive video conversations. The gadget may also be used as a portable speaker, producing a sound that fills the entire room.

It also has a 14-inch display and a 12-megapixel camera with an ultra-wide field of vision, as well as a Bluetooth connection. According to Facebook, while describing its characteristics, “Its dual speakers offer high-fidelity sound for crystal-clear audio. “With the development of remote and hybrid work models, Portal may serve as a dedicated screen for business calls, freeing up your computer’s screen to be used for other tasks such as taking notes, seeing a presentation, or multitasking. In addition, it is excellent for staying in touch with family and friends when the workday is over.”

Pricing and availability

The Portal Go has been introduced in the United States for $199 (roughly Rs 14,737), while the Portal+ has been offered for $349. ( Rs 25,000 approximately). Pre-orders for Portal Go and Portal+ are now being accepted at portal.facebook.com, with shipment scheduled to begin on October 19. Facebook has not stated if it intends to introduce the gadgets in additional areas, such as India, at this time.

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