WhatsApp is testing a new shortcut to let users send money to their contacts quickly

WhatsApp may update both its Android and iOS applications to include new icons. If rumors are to be believed, WhatsApp may soon include a payment shortcut in the conversation bar. Currently, there is no such feature. During the beta testing period, the new icon had surfaced.

Although still in the development stage, it is unknown whether WhatsApp will plan a consistent rollout for the service or not. WhatsApp Payment enables users to send and receive money using the chat service without using a bank account. If you have already entered your credit card information into WhatsApp, you will not need to download a second money-transfer app.

According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is currently testing a new shortcut that will allow users to rapidly pay money to their contacts. Also, Read: Do you use these 5 features of WhatsApp

“WhatsApp is launching a new shortcut that will allow you to transfer money quickly”. The Wabetainfo website stated that previously, “sending money required opening the conversation action sheet; however, WhatsApp is now adding a dedicated button on the chat bar”. The new feature was discovered in the WhatsApp beta version for Android devices.

As a result, if you are an Android beta tester, you must download the most recent version of WhatsApp beta for Android 2.21.17 in order to take use of the functionality. Users in India are presently able to take advantage of the functionality. According to the article, users in Brazil may also be able to take advantage of the function. Users of iOS devices may also access the payment icon shortcut. Some iOS beta testers have already noticed the functionality in the app, which is now in beta.

On the conversation bar, you can see that the Payment symbol is located next to the attachment icon in the screenshots. WhatsApp has not made any announcements on when the feature would be made available to the public.

Additionally, WhatsApp has established a test program for desktop users of the WhatsApp messaging app. Enrolling in the beta program, in other words, will allow users to test out the future features on WhatsApp online. The beta version of WhatsApp must be manually downloaded from the WhatsApp website. WhatsApp desktop beta users may now provide meaningful input to WhatsApp about forthcoming features by using the WhatsApp desktop beta application. You can provide feedback about the feature while testing it in the beta version to WhatsApp. Just visit the Settings > Contact Us menu option to provide feedback.

Related to this, WhatsApp is finally working on multi-device 2.0, and you will be able to add the iPad as a new connected device in the future. Not only is the iPad being added, but WhatsApp is also aiming to include Android Tablets in the multi-device feature on WhatsApp for Android.

The feature is present in the development stage, and it will be made accessible in a future version of the application.