Do you use these 5 features of WhatsApp?

Last year, Some new features were been added to WhatsApp in response to the demands of its users. You must experiment with all of these features. We’ve included five of these features for your convenience.

WhatsApp’s customers have benefited from several excellent and useful work features that were introduced last year. Numerous other aspects have also been improved as a result of this. There have been several new and helpful features added to WhatsApp, ranging from storage management tools to payment options. Has anyone else had a chance to use these features in their WhatsApp? Because there are still a significant number of people who do not make use of these features. Today, we’ll go over the benefits of these features as well as a straightforward method of utilizing them. To do this, you must first upgrade your WhatsApp account.

Advanced Search – This feature allows you to search for whatever you want.

The advanced search tool in WhatsApp is a fantastic feature. As a result, you will be able to search for individual WhatsApp conversations as well as images, video, music, and document files independently. The search bar will appear as soon as you press on it, and you will be given the choice of photographs, text, music, gifs, videos, documents, and links to choose from. With this function, you may search for any sort of file you want. Only by searching for the keyword will you be able to see all of the files that are associated with it.

Dark Mode (also known as “night mode”) –

WhatsApp’s Dark Mode is the name of this particular function. This provides a great deal of relaxation for the eyes, while simultaneously preserving the battery life of the phone. When this feature is enabled, the background color of all WhatsApp sections is changed to dark grey. To do so, navigate to Settings and choose Chats. After selecting Theme from the Display area, you will be presented with three options: Light, Dark, and System Default. Choose the option that best suits your needs. You have the option to enable any of these features.

Payment through WhatsApp –

WhatsApp’s payment mechanism, which is another essential feature, is also worth mentioning. You may use this to send money to your friends and family members who live far away. Using this function, transferring money will be as simple as sending a text message. For the time being, only a small number of users have access to the WhatsApp payment feature. It will be made available to the general public in the following days.

Limitation on the number of calls in a group-

There was a time when you could only add four individuals to a group video or voice conferencing session, but that restriction has recently been extended to eight. You may now make a video call or an audio call to up to eight people at the same time. This new function will be extremely useful to the general public.

Storage administration software –

Nowadays, WhatsApp is responsible for the majority of data use on everyone’s phone. It is for this reason that the phone’s storage capacity becomes exhausted. In such a case, you may now erase the data of large WhatsApp groups using the new pheasant as a backup. In the Storage Management area, you may see and remove the images, videos, and files that have been forwarded to you. You can even remove files that are greater than 5MB in size if you so desire.