Valorant Tracker – Best Sites to Track Rank in 2024

Valorant tracker websites are useful for tracking game stats, leaderboards, and server updates. If you are a Valorant player, you may want to check or track several game statistics. These statistics may include individual server stats, player ranks, weapon popularity, weapon damage, patch notes, etc. It is important to be updated and monitor such stats in order to know the updates, trends, and skill progression.

Best Valorant Trackers

This article has a list of several Valorant Tracker websites you can follow. We’ll keep updating this page regularly to add more trackers and updates; so make sure to check it once in a while.

1. Valorant Rank Tracker

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Valorant rank trackers track individual player rank, their K/D ratio, best agents, best maps, Win/Loss ratio, etc. There are many websites that allow you to check individual game performance by entering the username or via Rio Games login.

Some of the popular websites are:


Among these websites, tracker. gg is one of the most popular. It allows users to track Valorant stats and leaderboards. To check the stats, you can either log in via Riot Games login or simply enter the user name along with player id number (e.g. XYZPLAYER#123). It’ll show you the database of individual players’ game hours, Win/Loss ratio, K/D ratio. favorite/worst maps, favorite/worst weapons and player ranking etc.

These websites are useful to check rank and skill progression as well as analyze the competitors.

2. Valorant Server Status Tracker

If you are facing connection issues while playing Valorant, you may want to check if any server is down or under maintenance. You can check the server status via Riot Games’ website From the drop-down menu, you can select the server region to check if there is an issue reported by Riot Games.

Valorant server status page

The only problem with this website is that it only reports on the important service updates and doesn’t include small issues that a user may face. If you want to know if only you facing the issue or other players as well, you can check it on

Valorant server downtime

Downdetector maintains a database of server issues reported by the players. You can see it on its service page. It’ll show the graph of the latest outages reported in the last 24 hours along with the most reported problems.

This way you can easily know if there is any server issue from the developer side, with the individual players or in any specific geo area.

3. Valorant Patch Notes Tracker

To get the latest updates on the game and its components (weapons, maps, agents, and battle pass) you should be following all the patch notes that are released by the Riot games. Valorant’s Game Updates page provides all the latest patch notes about the latest game updates.

valorant patch notes tracker

Apart from the patch notes, this website also provides some important game development news and advice. Occasionally, it’ll give you some offers and ideas as well. Be sure to follow this page as it can give you some surprises as well.

4. Valorant Skin Popularity Tracker

Valorant popular skins

If you are someone who likes to buy skins in-game for any reason, you may want to know about the top skins in Valorant. We’ve made several lists of each Valorant weapon and skin collection based on their popularity and trend.

Here is the list of web pages you can read:

You can bookmark or follow these pages as we update them regularly based on skin popularity. We also add the latest skins from the new or upcoming battle pass and skin collections.


These are some of the important Valorant trackers to stay updated with Player ranking, server status, and latest updates. If you play Valorant regularly then it’s important for you to be updated as it saves your time and money while playing this game.