Windows 11 BETA is now available for Download

The Windows 11 operating system is now accessible to almost everyone who wants to give it a try right away.

While the general release of Windows 11 is scheduled for later this year, Microsoft is pushing outside the developer channel for the first public previews of the operating system this month.

What this implies for you is that you do not have to be a developer to get a taste of the new Windows operating system.

The beta edition of Windows 11 contains fewer bugs and improves stability, which means it will perform far better than the developer preview version now available.

If you are interested in checking out Windows 11, the first thing you will need is a computer that is compatible with the operating system.

There has been a lot of debate about Microsoft’s requirements for a laptop to support Windows 11, and the company has previously excluded hundreds of devices that are perfectly capable of running Windows 10.

Even though Microsoft has not stated much about Windows 11 compatibility, beta testers can look at the system requirements page on the Windows 11 website to see whether their computer meets the criteria.

There is a long list of new processors from Intel and AMD that will support Windows 11, but for the time being, processors from a previous generation – the 7th Gen Intel and AMD Zen 1 – will also work with the operating system.

These two CPU families were previously excluded from the system requirements for Windows 11, however, as a result of the widespread international outrage, Microsoft reversed its decision.

The experience gained by Microsoft from development and beta versions will determine whether or not these two CPU families will be supported by the final edition of Windows 11.

As a result, if you decide to go all-in as a beta tester and have one of these CPUs, Microsoft will take note of your remarks.

Because the development builds are more buggy than the public beta, the public beta of Windows 11 is the best way to learn about Microsoft’s future operating system.

It introduces a completely new design that places the Start menu in the center of the screen.

Despite the fact that it is optional, the new Start menu setting gives Windows a whole different feel.

There are also new system icons and noises, as well as numerous new widgets, as well as the ability to run Android applications natively on Windows 11.

How to install Windows 11 Beta?

You may get started right now by following these instructions to download and install the Windows 11 beta:

  • To join, go to the Settings menu on your computer and select the Windows Insider Program option.
  • You must select the type of Windows 11 Insider user you wish to be in order to proceed.
  • There is just one last option: if you choose the developer account, your Windows 11 version will be edgy and a little unstable, but choosing beta will result in a better and more refined version of Windows 11.
  • Your computer will display the newest Windows 11 update for the channel you choose, which in this case is beta, once you have enrolled it in the Windows Insider Program on your computer.

You may also go from the development channel to the beta channel if you are a developer who wants to shift to a more stable side of the Windows 11 experience by changing your Insider account selection from developer channel to beta channel.

This will need the download and reinstallation of Windows 11 on your computer, so make a backup of your data before proceeding. However, Microsoft is providing some assistance in this situation.

Those who wish to make a rapid transition from alpha to beta or vice versa can do so with a simple restart.

According to Microsoft’s Twitter account, this will only be accessible for a “short period of time.”