Twitter Spaces to get a new feature – Voice Transformer

Twitter has been working on a number of exciting features in recent months. Twitter has discovered a new feature that will allow users to apply voice effects to their own speech/voice on Spaces.

According to reports, the feature is known to be “Voice Transformer.” It may be used to alter the voices of users who are using Twitter’s audio application – Twitter Spaces. This tool will help users to alter the pitch of their voice as well as apply effects to it.

Tipster Wong revealed

Popular tipster Jane Manchun Wong has previously revealed that Twitter was working on a Voice Transformer for Spaces.

“Twitter is working on Voice Transformer for @TwitterSpaces, which will allow you to adjust the pitch of your voice or add echo to your audio,” she said in her tweet.

Danny Singh, a member of Twitter’s research team, later validated the information.

Manchun stated that the feature will be beneficial for those who wish to retain their anonymity or who experience dysphoria while listening to their own voices.

Twitter’s Clubhouse-like audio room Spaces was first made available to iOS users in June 2020, and it was later made available to Android users in March.

Unlike Clubhouse, Twitter has not released a standalone app for Spaces; instead, the program is accessible through the Twitter app.

The Twitter Spaces have been warmly accepted by users, and they are currently being utilized to hold live audio concerts and discussion panels.

It does take an invitation to get started, but it is very simple to use Spaces, and it has the potential to attract a larger audience than any other standalone audio software.

Twitter Privacy Policy changes

Twitter has also stated that it would be revising its terms of service and implementing a new privacy policy, among other things. Spaces will be affected by the new rules as well.

The company announced that it will analyze data from Spaces in order to offer audio transcriptions and to look for any breaches of the Twitter Rules.

“We have updated our Privacy Policy to provide additional information about the implications of participating in or hosting a Space for your data. Data from Spaces is analyzed to offer audio transcriptions, to check for any breaches of Twitter Rules, and to make enhancements to the functionality of the tool. As a reminder, all Spaces are now open to the public, which means that your presence in a Spaces, as well as everything you broadcast while using Spaces, is also visible to the public,” Twitter stated on its blog.