3 Tips to Create an Impressive User Experience (UX)

Earlier, designers only focus on the interface between user and product. They were unaware of the fact that user experience covers every single experience the user has with the product. If you are a programmer or front-end developer who is looking for areas of improvement in your app, start investing some time on UX.

The best part is anyone can improve their understanding of UX. You won’t need to learn anything technical, and the more people in your team make effort, the more successful the projects will be. Let’s have a look at three tips that will help you create an impressive user experience.

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Tips to Create Impressive User Experience

1. Read and Learn More About UX

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User Experience is one of the most important factors responsible for the success of an application. If you still see user experience as only the user interface, it’s time to grow now.

UX consists of many things like interaction, navigation, button click, etc. And to make everything better, you have to immerse yourself in UX. Read popular books on user experience, enroll in an online course, and most importantly practice more.

If you want the full grip, you should be able to image and map the journey of your virtual customer. What they will first see in your creation? What will make them interact with the interface? Where you want to direct them?

This will give you a rough idea but then you can go out and reach real people to test your design.

2. Enhance Your Soft Skills

Create an Impressive User Experience

Being a programmer, your work might not require high-level social interactions but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any soft skills. It’s just a typical stereotype thinking people likes to discuss every now and then.

However, if you are a UX designer, you need to have some sophisticated social skills. If someone tells you that your app sucks, don’t lock yourself in a room and try to figure out the reason.

Instead, you should focus on contemplating and surveying people to find out what exactly unsatisfactory about the experience.

Was the cluttered screen looking bad? Mobile responsiveness issue? Was the button text misleading? Difficult to operate? Your very first task will be to identify the exact design problem you are being asked to fix.

With strong soft skills, you will be able to listen to the requirement your boss or client is telling you. In case both of them are not the best communicators, at least you can ask proper questions and clarify your doubts.

Soft skills also include communication strategies such as de-escalation, mood matching, and active listening to help you build more meaningful and productive communication.

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3. Use the Right Tools

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A lot of designers blame their tool for the failure of the work. But they should actually blame themselves for picking up the wrong tools.

Maybe their decision-making ability is not that great but there’s no alternative to choosing useful tools for UX designers. You have to develop a habit of choosing tools based on their usefulness, not the price tag.

For example, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are worth paying for. Again, If you want to design compelling interfaces and quickly construct prototypes and mockups, you will need to choose the right tool.

Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with using some cheap readymade websites available. For example, if you are building a dashboard or admin area, you will find many React admin and budget Angular admin templates available under both free and premium tags.

This will make you speed up the workflow, enhance productivity without compromising with quality.

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Closing Words

That’s it for this article. A good user experience is unforgettable and helps your app to stand out in the crowd. It improves your credibility as a programmer and may also become an advantage if you are applying for software development jobs.

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