WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature to get avail on Desktop

WhatsApp’s web app for Windows and Mac also includes voice calling as a new option. The instant messaging network began rolling out voice and video calls from the desktop app for a small group of users in December of last year. The voice calling function has now been introduced to the desktop app, according to a press release from the company. “Answering on a larger screen makes it easier to collaborate with friends, see your family in greater detail on a larger canvas, or free up your hands to walk around a room while talking,” the company said in a statement.

WhatsApp ensured that the web app operates smoothly in both portrait and landscape orientations to ensure ease of use. WhatsApp for Desktop will appear on the computer as a separate window that can be resized to suit the user’s needs. It will always be at the top of the screen so that users don’t lose track of their video chats when switching between open windows or browser tabs. In its announcement, WhatsApp also mentioned that all voice and video calls made via its app are encrypted end-to-end. The security and privacy features will be the same whether calling from a mobile device or a desktop PC, according to the company.

WhatsApp also mentioned that users on Windows and Mac machines can only make one-to-one calls using the web app. This is to ensure that a “reliable and high-quality” experience is provided, according to the Facebook-owned business. In the future, the functionality will be extended to include community voice and video calls. In a press release, WhatsApp stated that it has seen a significant rise in users calling one another on the app, “often for long conversations.” The messaging service announced on New Year’s Eve that it had broken the record for the most calls made in a single day, with over 1.4 billion voice and video calls.

WhatsApp revealed another new security feature for WhatsApp Web and Desktop earlier this month: face and fingerprint unlocking while connecting devices. When you want to connect your WhatsApp account to your device, this adds an extra layer of security, according to the company. Users will be asked to connect their WhatsApp accounts to their computers via fingerprint or Face ID with the new feature.

About WhatsApp Update: Working on self-destructing photos

WhatsApp is developing some new functions. The Facebook-owned messaging app rolled out a slew of new features last year, and it appears that the app will do so again this year. WhatsApp is working on self-destructing photos, according to reports. This could be similar to the feature that allows you to delete messages. The beta updates revealed hints about the upcoming feature.

According to the report, if implemented, the feature would be similar to what we’ve seen on Instagram. When you turn on self-destruct mode, the picture will be removed from the chat as soon as you leave it. Users on Instagram can also choose to keep the photo in the chat and only view it once.

About WhatsApp,

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) service owned by Facebook, Inc. in the United States. It enables users to send text and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share encrypted images, documents, user locations, and other media.


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