Survey says over 80% tech employees agree Tech Giants are too Powerful

According to a new media business Protocol poll conducted by Politico, Silicon Valley’s strong CEOs do not appear to talk much on behalf of their customers, which are increasingly contrary to their senior management.

Protocol polled more than 1500 tech staff all over the US, ranging from c-suite managers to contractors, as well as more than 40% of respondents in big tech businesses with annual income in excess of $500 million for over 1000 staff.

The technological giants – Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook – are on loggerheads in some countries, examining fusions and supposed competitive behavior, with antitrust regulators.

In accordance with section 230, business professionals and businesses now dispute the rule which made the modern Internet. Surprisingly, only around 62 percent of Tech workers said they were aware of Section 230. 65 percent of Tech employees acknowledged that the content on their websites and products should not be held liable by technology firms. This suggests they accept that reforms must be implemented, but they are not sure how they will be accomplished, according to the poll.

Among several controversial efforts to limit Chinese dominance, the Trump administration passed stringent trade restrictions and banned Chinese social media applications. These actions seriously impacted American technology firms that depend heavily on China for their production capabilities.

More than 55% of technology staff in the poll claimed that the US constraints “went too far” on Chinese technology firms. In addition, over 60 percent also pledged to work closely with Chinese tech firms from the United States.