Apple Announced to Start Assembly of iPhones in India

As the company that is expanding its development activities in the second-largest smartphone market in the world, Apple has begun assembly of iPhone 12 in India, says the US tech giant.

Apple said in a statement on Thursday, without mentioning the supplier producing their smartphone: “We are proud to launch products for our local customers of iPhone 12 in India. Two sources familiar with this problem said that the Indian unit, the Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn, is manufacturing the system in their factory in Southern Tamil Nadu.

Foxconn did not respond immediately to a comment message but said it did not comment on the work unique to its customers.

Apple gradually shifted certain parts of its manufacturing from China to other countries in order not to be trapped in the cross-fire now defining the dimming trade dispute between the United States and China. Tensions are still strong and with a new U.S. government in place. Vietnam and India are among the beneficiaries of the scaled-up Apple processing operation in China, as has been disclosed inside sources.

In the war of commerce between Washington and Beijing, Apple has shifted those fields of manufacturing from China to other markets. An individual who’s familiar with it said in November that Foxconn is shifting from China to Vietnam some iPad and MacBook assembly.

Since it started iPhone assembly into the country in 2017 from another Taiwanese supplier, Cupertino, California-base Apple, bet big on India, Wistron.

Foxconn, Wistron, and the third provider Pegatron have invested over five years to allow iPhone modeling in India by committing some $900 million (approximately Rs. 6,540 crores) to the $6.7 billion (approximately Rs. 48,660 crores) initiative to improve smartphones’ exports.

Reuters announced last week that Apple is also preparing to introduce the tablet iPad assembly in India.

“Nice to see our efforts to make India a big hub of mobile and components manufacturing is attracting global attention, This will create jobs in large numbers.” India’s technology minister Ravi Shankar Prasad tweeted following news of iPhone 12 production in India.

The company has now started to manufacture iPhone 12 in India, becoming a significant and mature market for Apple. But while domestic production will allow Apple to deliver ambitious pricing later this year, there will be little immediate cost-benefit for the customer. The iPhone 12 was begun manufacture in Foxconn, Germany, and is scheduled to reach the stands within a month or two. The cell phone is produced in India.

For eg, a brand like Xiaomi saves up duties and still ends up with 6-7% CKD duties, with approximately 75% of the ingredients like batteries, chargers, and adapters locally. Whereas for brands like Apple, which does not actually have many components domestically, it also has a 10-12% obligation and some 15% on high-end models. Furthermore, the trade has sold manufactured iPhone 12 units and continues to sell them since the launch of iPhone 12 last October. The inventory imported will also continue to sell as made in India inventories shift towards retail. In such a case it would only cause uncertainty if the box price is different.