Google’s Task Mate App – Complete Simple Tasks to Earn Money

If you are someone who wants to earn extra money using your phone while sitting at your home, you may get a very viable option from Google very soon. Google has introduced a new app called Task Mate that will allow users to earn money by completing local tasks.

Google has begun testing the App in the Indian Subcontinent. Recently, Google launched the app in BETA Version on the Google Play Store. The functioning of the app is quite interesting as it allows users to earn money in return for completing certain tasks. Users will get paid in their Local Currency.

A Reddit user, as reported by 9to5Google spotted the Task Mate testing. While the app is available to download on Google Play. Also, it is Restricted as you must have a referral code that is available through an invite-only procedure.

How does Google Task Mate work?

The Description of the App on Google Play describes that:

  1. Find tasks nearby.
  2. Complete a task to begin earning.
  3. Cash out your earnings.

Tasks are categorized as Sitting or Field tasks but it appears that Google can directly ask for a task as well. On the app, you can see the number of tasks completed, and correctly done your level, and the tasks under review.

Also, if you’re required to visit any place near your vicinity or somewhere else for the task, the app will show you the approx time it will take you to get there. Users can also see how worthy a task is given and how it could benefit them much.

Tasks such as taking photos of any shopfronts will reportedly help Google improve mapping services and bring business to the area online. Users get an option to skip any particular task if they are not interested to do so.

To get paid for the respected task you do, You’ll have to link an account with a third-party procedure.

You can register your e-walled or account details with the payment partner in the Task Mate App while getting ready to cash out the money earned through tasks. It’s simple, just visit your profile page and click on cash out, that’s it.

Check Out Google Task Mate now on Google Play, But remember to get a referral code for now, as it is under BETA Testing