What Smartwatches Are Available For 3 Different Budgets?

By now, most people around the world are aware of just how awesome and useful smartwatches have become in the last five years. With fitness tracking, smartphone notifications, and even a few games and apps to keep us entertained, smartwatches will be far more technologically advanced in the future and possibly overtake the need for mechanical watches one day.

Thankfully, smartwatches come in many different shapes and sizes to suit all tastes, but buying the right one will often come down to the price tag. To satisfy consumers with varying budgets, we’ve compiled the best smartwatches in three different price categories.


To begin with, if you really have the cash to splash on a nice smartwatch, then it would be hard not to recommend the TAG Heuer Connected. This has all the incredible craftsmanship and beauty that the Swiss brand is known for, but with a much more modern and high-tech design.

Wearers of the Connected can take calls and reply to messages, make NFC payments, use GPS, customize the dial, and make use of the water resistance feature – just like any other smartwatch – but the biggest difference is really the high-end materials used and the brand prestige of TAG Heuer. The price starts around $1,200, but you may be able to spot one cheaper online.


When it comes to a smartwatch that’s a solid mix between being well-built, looking great, and having a reasonable price, it will always be the Apple Watch that comes out the winner. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is getting pretty close to catching up to the AW, but Apple’s flawless design, as well as the wonderfully quick processors and easy-to-understand menu, gives it an edge over competitors.

Currently, in its 4th iteration, the Apple Watch’s basic model will cost you $400, which doesn’t seem too much to ask for if you know this is something you’re going to use every day for many years to come. If you needed any more proof of how good the Apple Watch is, how about it being the winner of the T3 Gadget of the Year?


Finally, you might think that such a complicated gadget priced below $200 would not be worth it’s salt, but it depends on which model you pick up! A Fitbit Versa or a Garmin Forerunner 30 both qualify perfectly well as the definition of “basic smartwatch” that’ll do the job, but if you want something a bit more stylish and reliable at a very cheap price, then look no further than the Amazfit Bip.

Currently priced at $80, the Amazfit Bip (no affiliation to Amazon) is certainly a great purchase if you’re tentative buying a smartwatch and being unsure if you’ll like it or not. The battery is reported to last 30 days with moderate use, and you’ve also got GPS, heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, phone notifications, and color display. Definitely a good beginner watch for kids or for anyone wanting a smartwatch only occasionally for sports and fitness reasons.

A watch for the future?

While it might not be anything to buy right now, the LumiWatch is playing with some big ideas for the future. The smartwatch contains a projector that turns your arm into a touchscreen to read messages or make calls, among other things. Granted, the technology is in its infancy, but could it be that everyone will wear one of these in 20 years or so? It’s certainly possible, but the LumiWatch might need a few more iterations to get there!