SmartWatch vs SmartBand: Which One Should You Choose?

Smart devices are for smart people, people who want to manage things on the go, be productive, and still be great at personal life and keeping up good health. Many people are buying these devices to level up their daily productivity and gain better health ( keep their weight in check, burn enough calories, etc. ). If you are planning to buy one and are confused between a watch and a band, this article may help lower your confusion and make an informed decision.

SmartWatch vs SmartBand

Let us enlist the parameters and compare both ranges of devices on each of them.

1. Battery Life

Smartwatches usually need to be charged every day. So if you forget to charge it on a day, chances are that you will be wearing a dead watch on the other day. Smart bands, on the other hand, have a long battery life of about 6-7 days.

Some bands like Mi Band 2 can last up to 20 days based on usage. Another thing, sleep tracking is a major requirement among the basic ones. But you won’t be able to track your sleep if your smart device (i.e. SmartWatch) is on charging at night. So edge to the smart bands.

2. Comfort

Smartbands are lighter than smartwatches and hence no heavy feeling on wrists. Speaking from personal experience, if you wear a smart band for around 6-7 days, on the 8th day you won’t even feel that you are actually wearing something on your wrist. You will most likely take a time of around a month to get habitual with wearing a smartwatch during your daily activities (in the gym, during sleep, etc.).

3. Notifications

In terms of rich delivery of notifications and other similar communications, smartwatches are much better thanks to their awesome TFT/OLED displays, while most of the smart bands are on monochrome LCDs. Also, some smartwatches support multi-touch, another perk in terms of user experience. Interacting with the device is a way smoother experience on a smartwatch than on a smart band and it gives you that premium feeling.

4. Water Resistance

Although both smartwatches and smart bands are mostly IP64 or IP68 water resistant, the leather straps that come with smartwatches can lose their texture if exposed to water and moisture again and again. Bands have silicone or similar material that can take water splashes without any problems.

5. Price

As you might be expecting, smartwatches are on the expensive side.  Though we are seeing cheaper smart devices being launched every other week due to the competition, again cheaper smartwatches later prove to be a waste of money when considering the fact that reputed companies are offering budget-oriented smart bands that are really reliable.

I hope this article helps you decide as my objective was to provide a clear overview from a comparison-based perception. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.