Election Commission of India Launches cVIGIL App to Ensure Fair Polling

The Election Commission of India appears to be leaving no stone unturned to ensure unbiased polling. They launched a new cVIGIL Android application for voters in the country. Using the app, the voters can report any case of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) violations directly to the commission.

According to Sunil Arora, the Chief Election Commissioner of India, “By using the cVIGIL app, citizens can record on their Android mobile and promptly to election authorities report any violation of Model Code of Conduct, any incident of intimidation or inducement within minutes of having witnessed them and without having to go to the office of the returning officer.”

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How to Use cVIGIL App?

cvigil app

Talking about the app, the cVIGIL comes with a simple and easy to use interface. You can install the app from the Play store for free. On opening the app, you will see only two options – Photo and Video. You just have to tap on any one option to capture or record the incident, write a brief description and send it to the election authority.

“The officials will be duty-bound to take action on it within 100 minutes,” said Arora. This unique combination of timestamping, live photo with auto location can be fairly relied upon by election machinery to reach the right spot and take necessary action.

cvigil app

You can either register into the app using your name, address, state and pin code, and mobile number or stay anonymous while reporting any violation. You can find this option on clicking the hamburger icon at the top-right of the home screen. However, anonymous complainants won’t be able to track the status of their complaint and user achievements.

Though the application is fully activated yet, the features appear quite promising. If everything will go as per the expectations, the voters can easily report and help EIC conducting fair elections.

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The first phase of the election will start on 11th April. The entire elections are divided into seven phases and the final counting will be done on 23. You can start using the app from the date of elections.