How to Make Money while Playing Video Games?

You are an ardent gamer. Video gaming is what defines your life. Do you know that you can earn from your passion? That sounds like an awesome idea, right?  Rather than just sitting and playing, you can turn your addiction into a money-generating machine.

The money generated from gaming may be enough to cater to the daily expense and even make you afford some luxuries. Business-oriented gamers are already doing it and are earning some decent income. So what are you waiting for?

What can you do to earn money from gaming? Here are six ways you can make money while playing video games.

Make Money While Playing Video Games

1. Become a Streamer

By becoming a streamer, we simply mean that you stream your game live to the world. Your audience watches as you play a game in real-time. There are various platforms that you can use to stream your gaming sessions. The most popular one is Twitch. This platform is specially curated for video game content. You can also use YouTube Gaming as its popularity has been growing at a fast rate in recent months.

So, how do game streamers make money.? One way is through ads from Google. This applies only if you stream on YouTube. You can also be paid to promote your products. Live streaming can be a profitable venture if you have a big audience. However, this should not discourage you. You can start from nothing and grow your audience over time.

2. Become eSports Team Member

eSports (Electronic Sports) comprises a community of professional gamers. Members of the community brag about their prowess in different video games. They organize different competitions on video games in which winners walk away with lucrative prizes.

If you believe that you are good in a particular game, get into this platform and try out your luck. You may walk away with some good money. The secret of succeeding in eSports is to keep practicing so that you can sharpen your gaming skills.

3. Review Games

Game reviewing entails sharing your personal opinion and experience about the game. You will publish your review on a website from where the public can read. This means that some good writing skills will be needed for this job.

You first need to play the game, analyze all its aspects then write a comprehensive and accurate review. Readers are always attracted to genuine reviews. This means that by being accurate, you are likely to retain a sizable audience.

Earning from this method can be compared to running an online business. This is because you will deploy various aspects of online marketing so as to increase traffic to your website. For example, you will need to optimize your reviews for SEO.

Apart from writing, you can also create video reviews then publish them on YouTube.

4. Become a Beta Tester

There are thousands of games that are developed and the existing ones refined every day. Before releasing a game into the market, developers hire testers to examine various aspects of the game. You can earn some money by testing these games.

Most testing positions are available on a freelance basis although you can be lucky to be hired as an internal beta tester. Some of the Beta testing tasks are availed on various job boards and specific gaming websites.

5. Video Game Commentary

You can earn some money by becoming a video game commentator. Although this is one of the toughest ways of earning from gaming, it is worth the effort. The job entails attaching your voice to the gameplay. You can then extract the video that you have commentated on.

You must be a good player before you take that microphone and start commentating. The quality of sound and video that you produce should be of top quality.

6. Create Game Guides

Apart from reviews, you can also publish guides and walkthroughs of different video games. Many enthusiastic gamers are always on the lookout for these guides so as to get useful tricks for different games. You also need to be good at a particular game before creating its guide. The guides can also be in video format.

As you can see, it is possible to earn as you play. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. You need to put lots of effort before you start enjoying the fruits of your labor. Choose any method that you think you can deliver and pursue it to the fullest.