Discord is now selling PC Games! Potential Steam Alternative!

Discord as well all know it, is a free Gaming Chat Application that provides in-game communication services to it’s huge 150 million user-base. Recently Discord CEO announced that they are going to start selling games that are worth its user’s time.

The initial Roll-out

The initial services are being tested and the games are limited to 50,000 lucky Canadians (damn it Canada!). These users will be selected from the Discord platform’s Nitro subscribers at random. The lineup of games doesn’t include big boys like Fortnite or PUBG, but intends to start with Saints Row: The ThirdMetro: Last Light ReduxSuper Meat BoyHollow Knight, and Starbound.

To purchase the games, there are currently 2 ways. One is by paying $5 a month for Discord premium that will get you access to all the games/services, while the second being buying individual games from the store.

The games that are being added to the store are currently being curated by Discord’s staff, with a goal to create a local bookstore which has the best of the best content. The company also intends to bring “First on Discord”  titles that are exclusive for 90 days on Discord, along with a Universal Library.

Recently Discord’s CMO Eros Resmini spoke to the Verge

“Discord has become a home for many gamers who use it to connect with friends multiple times a day while some people seem to live on Discord”.

He also added,

“With 150 million registered users that’s a lot of building friendships while talking about and playing games together”.


Discord is currently not at the capacity to rival Steam yet, but with its quality products, ensure that the users have a great time building friendships and playing games. Discord users will be able to play along with friends who own the same games, regardless of where they purchased it. “Our goal with Discord is to bring players together — never to fragment or add friction to gaming with friends,”  says Resmini.