PC Gaming vs Console Gaming vs Mobile Gaming – What’s better?

Today we shall address the longest living debate, no I’m not talking about whether the chicken came first or the egg. We’re gonna discuss today the most important topic that we all roast each other for, “PC Gaming vs Console Gaming vs Mobile Gaming” Although it looks like Mobile gaming has already lost the debate, it’s still here for increasing competition.

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming vs Mobile Gaming

PC Gaming

Let’s talk PC first. We all agree with the title of PC gaming as “PC Master Race” and there are numerous reasons to justify it.  Let me shed some light on some of the pros of PC gaming.

  • PC can be customized according to your budget and requirement. Be it an RGB/ non-RGB build, low end, mid-range and high end; you get parts for all sorts of budgets and needs.
  • Future proofing with Mid-range hardware where the only thing you would upgrade is additional RAM or HDD/SSD.
  • Support for 4k 60fps and usability of 144Hz or 240Hz monitors and experience.
  • Cheaper games and no online subscription.
  • Emulators for many older consoles to relive your childhood.
  • Steam sales and other platform sales
  • Access to free to play games.
  • Support for Mods and many more reasons.

If we speak about the cons, well nobody is absolutely perfect, so let’s get to it.

  • In some of the countries, prices of parts could be cheap while at the other end of the world the same parts could cost much high.
  • Non-availability of console exclusives such as Uncharted series.
  • Micro-transactions in games and also some games having a Pay-2-Win model
  • Inability to resell games and such minor issues.

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Console Gaming

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word console, is a picture of a couple of kids glued to the TV with controllers in hand shouting, laughing and having fun. We’ve all been there at some point in time. Consoles are great to have when you have friends coming in and wanna enjoy some FIFA or WWE or some Mario Kart on the weekend. It’s great and functional for the games we enjoy on it. So here are the pros for Console Gaming.

  • Small and compact.
  • Consoles are quite cheaper provided you already have a TV with an HDMI input (who doesn’t).
  • Portable, if you wanna go over to your buddy’s home, hook your machine to his TV and have a good game.
  • Console exclusives, which are actually great and have a good story.
  •  Resell value for the used games
  • Consoles are also great for family entertainment, using hardware like Kinect or Wii it’s great to have a good game of tennis with family or friends or probably Just Dance (if you can groove :P)

But again, if you wanna gain something, you gotta lose something. Hence Console Gaming has its own cons.

  • Expensive games
  • Paid Membership for certain platforms for Multiplayer support.
  • Limit on Graphics/FPS, since no hardware can be upgraded other than storage which is quite a disadvantage if you wanted to enjoy 4K 60FPS /1080p 60FPS; which is quite hard to push through the hardware running on consoles.
  • Backward compatibility on certain games and also platforms.

Mobile Gaming

I, personally am not a big fan of mobile gaming. I was one of the first few guys, who started playing Clash of Clans in my college; regularly when it came out in 2013. And that was it, 4 months of intensive wastage of time and data when it cost nearly 98rs for 2GB of data in India. I recently played PUBG for a month or two and again, not a big fan of such games but yes there are people who do take mobile gaming intensively, so let’s address certain facts for the same.

  • Mobile gaming is cheap. I mean most of us currently have decent devices, that can run games like PUBG and iPhone users Fortnite; with ease.
  • Majority of the games are free. Even if they aren’t, Android modders somehow find ways to crack the game and enjoy.
  • Portability/Gaming on the go, Doesn’t matter where you are, what time it is, you take your phone out and boom you’re in the game.
  • Very large game library on both the major platforms, i.e Android and iOS, so large that games come out almost every day and you just can’t keep up.

Like I said, perfection is like having 100% efficiency (Mech. engineers would get this joke) which isn’t possible at all. So let me speak on the cons as well.

  • Charging your device. Most games tend to drain your battery very quickly. So you’re either glued to a wall socket or you have a power bank connected for long gaming sessions.
  • Low FPS/performance/ heating issues. Again since the hardware isn’t quite great compared to PC/Console unless you own flagship devices for optimum results.
  • Internet connectivity issues for certain games. We all know the mobile network isn’t the most stable form of Internet Connection, even on 4G we tend to lag on games with high latency.

But fear not my friend, there is some hope with 5G and also newer cheaper devices for Mobile gaming after all.

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So considering all the above facts about each platform, I hope I did justice to each platform (criticism is welcome). Eventually, we all are “United by Gaming, Divided by Platform” I mean I don’t mind having to game on a PC or a console or mobile as long as I’m having fun. Well, that was my take on gaming on different platforms. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions/corrections. See you guys in the next one!!