Tech news that gamers are excited about in 2018

This year, 2018, began with a virtual reality bang. Quite literally, in fact, seeing as though the entire online community was all abuzz about VR (Virtual Reality) gaming and its implications. At the start of the year, all anyone and everyone could talk about was VR and all the hopes that that possibility may have held.

Now that we’re halfway through 2018, it is quite clear that one should never actually believe the hype. There does appear to be life beyond VR. At this point, the prospect of VR, though a game-changer for sure, is clouded by the many varying practical setbacks that actually implementing VR gaming involves, not to mention the very real fact that VR gaming is quite a costly endeavor.

Just imagine you are just about to get your game on, and you’re in the mood for some mobile bingo action, for example, now having to set up the VR gameplay scenario that rivals a quick online login to one’s favorite gaming site, and at the mere cost of just needing to be at a wifi source makes VR gaming not viable. VR gameplay requires a whole lot more than just those fundamentals to ensure fun is had. Already, there is healthy competition with the burgeoning mobile gaming market.

Now that we’re in this half of 2018, it is quite clear that VR is still to be fine-tuned before it is to be counted as a viable option for consumers at large.

Accordingly, what we’ve got for you here is a quick round-up of the most prominent tech news of this latter part of 2018, that gamers, in particular, will be glad to see making waves online these days.

Wearable Devices

Though one could argue that these types of devices and innovations, for example, Smartwatches are not exactly prime for gamers, the counter-argument is such that there are countless ways that many varying users, gamers included, could employ the wearable device. When utilized correctly and effectively, wearable devices could definitely be used as a means to optimize on various user experiences.

One type of use could be to monitor an individual’s health by analyzing and reporting back on vitals as recorded, as well as any other type of pre-determined measurement criteria. This way a person can check their vital signs at any given moment, and accordingly adjust their coffee intake, for example, perhaps opt for a snack break, based on sugar levels as recorded, etc. These types of scenarios could only benefit the user and ensure an overall increase in productivity and longevity indeed.

The thing about wearable devices and why it’s tech news that we’re raving about here is that the implications for the varying possibilities are quite vast with this innovation, so – it gets a nod from us! You may not be able to play your favorite mobile bingo game just yet, using a smartwatch, but the future may spell something completely different in the years to come.

Mobile Gaming Apps

Not only is Nintendos affiliation with Cygame Inc, and the announcement of Nintendo launching into the mobile gaming sphere causing ripples and waves and more ripples throughout the gaming industry, but mobile gaming, in general, is all out taking the gaming world by storm. Still!

Yes, since around 2015, mobile app and mobile gaming have been growing in popularity and have even surpassed the number of users in other mediums as used by consumers. That is quite the feat!

Perhaps the fastest growing industry at present is this, the mobile industry. In terms of mobile gaming, and the mobile industry at large, the phenomenal thing about it all is how effortlessly it has managed to intersect many various sectors and industries, offering consumers one touch-point (invariably the mobile device or smartphone in question) to the consumer to be able to handle and access all operations, the ‘launchpad’ if you will.

Many mobile gaming apps are also available for gameplay on cross-platforms, a great tool for developers to keep in mind to ensure users come back for more. Just imagine being able to get to that mobile bingo site via your mobile gaming app, as well as from your mobile web browser, and even from your desktop if you so choose.

mFortune, as a top-level gaming app, shows exactly how easy, yet pivotal, it is for top gaming operators to provide their users with a cross-platform type of gameplay. Users should be able to enjoy games that are not platform-dependent, but rather compatible across many platforms. This is sure to be the new norm for 2018 and beyond.

Mobile compatibility aspects further open up the way toward even more rapid growth rates, which results in the mobile app development and subsequent mobile user numbers just continually increasing and refueling each other to increase all the more. The mobile industry has shown exponential growth and shows signs of only continuing to perform along this trajectory for some time to come.

All in all, it appears that 2018 continues to bode well for gamers, as components become more readily available, more readily accessible – resulting in the quest for that ultimate gameplay satisfaction becoming all the more attainable.