Microsoft’s Surface Phone to arrive soon with Andromeda OS

Microsoft is planning to re-enter the smartphone market with their all-new Surface phone. The phone will be running on Andromeda OS and these leaks have surfaced from the latest Windows 10 update. A lot of patents which describe a fold-able device running on Andromeda OS were spotted last year.

What we know

An unreleased Windows 10 game mainly meant for touchscreen PCs has confirmed the fact that the Surface Phone might get an official release by the end of the year. Although Microsoft hasn’t yet officially announced the game, the app package metadata confirms that the game could be played on Andromeda OS. The game description (Via: Windows Central) reads:

“We’ve got some exciting news to share. We proudly announce Miami Street, a project that Electric Square has been working on with our partners at Microsoft Studios. Developed to be played on any Windows 10 device, Miami Street is a new kind of racing game, built for a broad audience who love easy to pick-up-and-play experiences.”

The code reveals that the Andromeda OS is internally referred to as the ‘Factory OS Andromeda’. The actual device has also been mentioned inside the code. Some of the patents that have surfaced talked about the hinge mechanism so it appears that Microsoft has mastered that part of the device already, and it should have considering the unique hinge design of the Surface Book 2.

It was earlier rumored that there would be magnets on both sides of the phone’s spins to enable it to fold. Apparently, the fold-able device will be able to fold into different positions ranging from laptop mode, folded mode, tent mode, and tablet mode. There should also be a note app that will let users take down notes on both ends of the display as if they were writing notes on physical paper.


With all the above information, we can assume that a fold-able Phone or tablet with a hinge is about to hit the market. The device will run on Andromeda OS which seems to be the on the go version of Windows 10. Will this device be a hit or a failure like the Lumia series? Gotta wait and see! Stay tuned for more.