Facebook’s new “hate speech” button created chaos for a moment

Yet another day, another story on Facebook doing rounds on the Internet. This time it’s not about data privacy but with a new feature that rolled out fortuitously on the user’s posts. The feature is known as ‘Hate Speech’ button which questions “Does this post contain hate speech?” and asks users to click on ‘yes’ or ‘no’ buttons. They set this feature to live on the platform for a short period of time and it is said to be only US-based users can see the question that appeared under every post on their Facebook page.

When people click ‘Yes’ button, it further asks users for their feedback by showing four options “hate speech”, “testP1”, “testp2”, and “testp3” which clearly prompts that wasn’t supposed to appear live.

Facebook Officials Explanation

One of the Facebook’s spokesperson said that they are conducting an “internal test to understand different types of speech, including speech we thought would not be hate”. And explained a bug caused the button to push to live.

Facebook Vice President Guy Rosen take to Twitter to explain that the button was shown on posts regardless of their content but was “reverted” within 20 minutes.

Whatever it was, the people haven’t forgotten the controversies of Cambridge Analytica involving Facebook which helped the political analytics firm to take hold of users personal data for illegal campaigns. With this incident, it is said to be that more than 87 million users data was compromised. So, the people backslashes Facebook and started a movement called #deletefacebook.

Funny Side

However, the new feature doesn’t make people furious but made hilarious. Many people started Tweeting and trolling Facebook for its unintentional mistake. Some of the posts are totally funny with the message “Does this post contain hate speech?”. For Example

A post showing puppy

Even the Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg’s post was not exempt from the hate speech.


1 thought on “Facebook’s new “hate speech” button created chaos for a moment”

  1. I wish they could demand of everyone that declared something as “Hate” that they answered the question “What would you do instead to improve things?”
    It is too easy to be “against” something, be infuriated, say that people are silly and ignorant. What if every time you said that had to respond to what is correct, what does most people call this, what is the correct with 3 references? Another variant is that for every hate statement that you report, post three acclamations – tell people that they are good at what they do, they are nice, polite, courteous, correct, clever, intelligent and smart! FB could well invent a rule where a number of positive “emojis” were required to report hateful speech. Well, not so much hate would be reported, and some fake “Luvs” happened – but well, my mission would be accomplished.


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