‘Amazon Key’ lets couriers unlock your front door

What is Amazon Prime?

It is a subscription service launched by Amazon 12 year back that entails a variety of options for the fastest and the most convenient mail delivery at your doorstep.  Now Amazon is going to introduce a new service “Amazon Key“.  Here the couriers will be allowed to open your front door and ensure to drop package inside your home safely even in your absence.

The process using Amazon key

  • Amazon’s Cloud Cam and the compatible smart lock is its reliance. The main centre is the Camera connected to the internet via your home Wi-Fi.
  • When a courier gets your home with a package for in-home delivery, by sending a request to Amazon Cloud, they scan the barcode.
  • In case, everything checks out, the cloud permits by sending a message back to the camera thus recording starts. After that, the courier has a prompt at their app., swipes the screen and there you are, your door unlocks.
  • They put in the packet and relock the door with another swipe and leaves out.
  • The customer is instantly notified that their delivery arrives with a short video about drop-off to confirm everything is OK.

The accessories:

  • Two well-known brands Yale and the Kwikset make the system work with a lock but the connected camera is the manufacture of Amazon.


Invisible it is to no eye that Amazon excels in the global electronic market and introduces newer and stunning technological devices day in and day out thus into the smart home space, it is pushing even further.  Amazon’s Cloud Cam is the main piece of its key service. Though it is simply a home security camera but can respond to voice commands. What Amazon introduces in the international market, even its competitors accept the superiority of its monopoly.

What a courier service “Amazon Key” is! It entails surprising functions and.  How one can imagine that the owner is away from home but his/her deliveries are being ensured to reach the real destination without being observed by the residents.  These types of newer inventions on the part of Amazon show that they know how to play with the current technology to the entire benefit of man?

Home Security Assurance:

Does this all activity involved in “Amazon Key” not raise a question? Will Prime customers trust Amazon monitoring homes round the clock?And to know when is the time for a stranger to unlock their doors? And not the privacy of the Prime customers will affect?  As unlocking a door in the absence of the owner doesn’t make a sense.

It is Amazon notification that the availability of in-home delivery will be on over 10 million items neither too big nor bulky.  Is another quest that will Amazon trust its own delivery team to handle this work? So “Amazon Key” in 37 cities throughout the USA where the Amazon’s Logistics handles the drop-off.  Under all these situations it looks somewhat strange to be materialized.

Further interesting is that it claims to further expand the service over time but how can it be possible its expansion under such circumstances?  Now to see is that if it allows third-party delivery companies to take over the responsibility of such a process?  No! Amazon is one of the leading market champions who can easily arrange what looks somewhat infeasible.