5 Private Search Engines that Value Your Privacy

Privacy is of the highest concern in 2017. We know that Google has a prying eye on every user and keeps a track of your searches to give you more relatable results and also to hit you with adds.

So, today we provide 5 search engines that do not track you. You can use these search engines without having to worry about your privacy.


When the discussion is about the private search engines, our first thought would obviously be the DuckDuckGo. The primary user base of this search engine is the people who would like to surf the internet anonymously. DuckDuckGo provides fast results without tailored ads. This search has a very fast growing user base. If you want to try something other than Google, try DuckDuckGo.


This is an awesome search engine which provides accurate answers. WolframAlpha does not track you and it is a knowledge packed search engine.

There is an option to use dynamic calculations to get search results specifically about calculations, health and much more.


Startpage is a powerful search engine which provides you search results while not tracking any your searches. It allows you to browse through proxy servers to prevent websites from tracking your IP address or location.


Yippy is another search engine which values your privacy. The speciality of this is it manuclly filters the reults into various categories and flags any inappropriate results. Unlike many other search engines, Yippy allows searching of many types of content including news, jobs, web, images, etc.

Yippy allows you to view cached pages and filter results in by tag clouds, websites, sources. One more thing to note is that Yippy does not shoot personalised advertisements in your face.


Gibiru is a fully uncensored search engine and also completely encrypts the search data to prevent any possible data leaks to the third parties. Gibiru is faster than most other private search engines because it uses the ‘Google Custom Search‘ to provide its service.