Is Facebook now supporting A 20-Second Video As A Brand Page Cover?

In 2015, Facebook allowed users to use 7-second long video instead of a profile picture. It became quite popular and many users started using video profile picture to make it more lively. There was a rumour that Facebook will soon allow its users to set a cover picture as video as well. But, it’s been a long time and we haven’t seen any update about this. “Maybe” Starting from tonight (Or maybe it was there before “unnoticed”), Facebook is going to allow brand pages to use an 18-20 second video as a cover picture.

Tonight, I opened one of my Facebook pages and I got a tip from Facebook that now you can share a video in place of the cover picture. I was surprised and by hovering my mouse to the upload cover photo section I could see the upload video option.

Facebook video cover page
A screenshot of one of my pages that supporting video cover story

I couldn’t find any video to upload on the page because I did not have any that can fulfil the requirements. A video should be 18-20 sec long and It also showed the aspect ratio in the tip but now I can’t find the tip because it only shows once.

Update: I was trying to find a video to test the new feature but now it seems like it’s been removed by facebook again. Maybe it was for beta testing or some kind of testing by Facebook. They pulled out the newly added feature within 10 minutes so I guess something went wrong or it was intended to be for 10 minutes only.

Maybe we will see the improved version of this feature soon.