Future smartphone Screens will consume No Battery Power!

It’s no secret that the smartphone displays “eat off” a lot of battery power of the device. Therefore, we often reduce the brightness settings to conserve precious interest charge, instead of closing the resource-intensive applications that are running at the moment. If the company Bodle Technologies will be able to realize the idea, then perhaps in the future the problem of “devouring” the power of the screen of the smartphone simply disappear.

British startup Bodle Technologies is developing a material with easy transition from one phase to another, which practically does not use electric batteries, but nevertheless remains a clear, bright and well readable even in bright sunlight. Although most of the information technologies that for the creation of this mater is kept secret, the principle of his work revolves around the electrical impulses sent to the flexible and transparent layers of the material.

Future smartphone Screens will consume No Battery Power!

The development is still at an early stage, and Bodle is in no hurry to call the names of the companies (to mention only that it is a very large company), who are already interested in this technology. It is also too early to talk about when this technology reach the market. But if it does happen, our smartphones are no longer required to charge daily, and wearable electronics (like smart-hours) will generally be charged once a week. In addition, no longer need to rely on monochrome screens based on electronic ink and other displays that are sacrificing quality for the sake of long work.

According to the developers, the technology also promises the creation of so-called “smart glass”. Windows that are based on the material developed will be able to completely block the warm hot summer day, or to filter certain type of light waves.

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