Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch with Super Fast Processing speed

There are many smartwatches in the market today. They all offer a host of features. One of the best and most unique is the Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch. This is a beautiful black smartwatch manufactured in China. It has many features. Among these are a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), Bluetooth 4.0 capability, phone dialer, SMS capability as well as a patent leather strap. In addition to these, the smartwatch has a sleep monitor, a pedometer as well as a camera and an embedded music player. The Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch is available in black or white. Read on to learn more about this amazing smartwatch.

Bi-color screen technology:

Zeblaze Crystal Design

The screen on this smartwatch is very vivid and is capable of true black images. In addition to this, the smartwatch is fitted with a 3 Dimensional single curved tempered glass screen. Also, it is constructed with a perfect radian design. Thus, the watch feels comfortable on your skin as you wear it. To further improve wearability, this smartwatch is fully waterproof. You can wear it as you shower, wash your hands or your face too.

High processing power:

Zeblaze Crystal CPU

This smartwatch has an Mediatek MTK2502 processor chip in it. This chip allows for superfast processing and response when you use the smartwatch. This amazing microchip is compatible with Apple iOS and Android systems. Thus, you can share files from your Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch to an Apple smartwatch or an Android smartwatch. The processing capability of this smartwatch allows it to act as a remote controller for your smartphone. You can use this smartwatch to command your smartphone to take photos as well as play music. In addition to that, this smartwatch is capable of receiving your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and CNN messages directly. Thi siwll keep you informed wherever you are.

Technical specifications:

Zeblaze Crystal Feature

This smartwatch has a superb size. It measures 49 by 41.5 by 10.9 millimeters. Moreover, it weighs only 82 grams. Its screen has a size of 1.54 inches. It makes use of IPS technology and has a capability of 240 by 240 pixels. It has 24 megabytes (MB) of RAM. Its battery has a power rating of 280 mAh. Thus it will go for a long time without needing to recharge. The Zeblaze Crystal smartwatch was released for sale on August 5th and retails at a very attractive price. The smartwatch has passed international quality control requirements. It has also been praised for its easy to use interface. Moreover, its waterproof ability definitely makes it a unique item to get.