Incredible Gadget allows you to draw using sun-rays

We all have burnt paper and wood with the help of dad’s magnifying glass during our childhood days, but I have never imagined that there would be some constructive and innovative work possible from the concentrated light energy.

The Italian designers from Milan have made this fantastic magnifying glass which helps you engrave stuff on combustible materials. It is a simple and elegant tool that has science, art and design principles in it that make it working easy and enjoyable.

This Incredible Gadget allows you to draw using sun-rays gadget allows you to write and draw the rays of sun on wood, leather, plywood and other materials. A simple tool through the lens focuses the ray of sunshine to the selected object, burning it on a predetermined pattern by the author. Named after the Greek god of light, Apolllona – Phoebus – who was a patron of the arts and the guardian of the sun.

Febo is appropriate for aspiring artists of all ages. It has different assortments to get the required thickness of the engraved lines. The device is made of wood and glass and appears like some type of ancient microscope, It also comes with a variety of stencils that can be used to sketch the perfect shape before engraving it on the surface with the Febo.

Febo has been designed with the goal of turning nature into beautiful, creative and permanent works of art. Because of its simplicity, you can personalize your favorite things in a matter of minutes! This lens, will adjust to any size. They provide 100% UV protection, and visibility of the transmitted light is only 6-8%. However, before using Febo need to wear sunglasses. Then you apply the tool to a  drawing, remove the protective filter and lens begins to absorb the sun’s rays, focusing them on the canvas. The intensity of the engraving depends on the brightness of the sun.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign by the company, Febo is now available to the public at a reasonable price of 59$. Know more abut FEBO Click Here