Technology woven in cloth: the new wearable

Wearable technology has revolutionized the tech market. Everyday new smart watches and fitness trackers buzz the minds of crazy geeks who are on a constant lookout to add another treasured possession to their collection. Ranging from wrist watches, smart glasses to smart shoes, wearable have become a complete package and provide stunning features not only by presentation but also by functionalities.

Here’s new tech that’ll make wearables as non-obtrusive as a Band-Aid. Japanese scientists have made a printable helpful ink on fabric, which implies your boxer briefs or supportive sports bra could one day track your heart rate (in addition to other things).


With an end goal to make electronic wearables all the more, well, wearable, a group at the University of Tokyo built up the ink and reported it yesterday. In a solitary step process, terminals and wires can be imprinted on both surfaces of the material utilizing the marvel ink. This new super fabric is likewise way milder and elastic than today’s harder, more unbending wearables and printed electronics. Even when extended to three times its length, the ink remained exceptionally favorable.


This new material is to some degree like the favorable yarn teased at Google I/O this year, which Levi’s is supposedly utilizing to make your pants a titan touchpad. The objective there is to swipe, squeeze, tap, and drag your fingers over these brilliant strings to answer cancels or turn lights, much the same as you would on a mousepad or cell phone.

The Tokyo specialists’ ink, however, appears a considerable measure elastic and permits makers to make wearables that’ll be as skintight as fake tattoos. That is correct, it is hard to believe, but it is true. Tech tattoos are going to be next fad.