A list of Countries that emit More Spam on the Web

A security firm Sophos has revealed a list of countries that emit more spam on the internet. For the first time in many years, the United States has ceased to be the leader.

China has become a country that emits more spam than the rest of the world. China is the source of 16.7% of the total amount sent, followed by the US with 11.2% and South Korea with 8.8%. That means that one in six spam usually received in our E-mails has been sent from China.

The ranking of the 12 most invasive countries spam level is completed by:

  • Russia (7.3%),
  • Japan (5.7%),
  • Vietnam (5.2%),
  • Ukraine (4.6%),
  • Brazil (2,6%),
  • Germany (2.6%),
  • India (2.1%),
  • Argentina (2.0%) and
  • Taiwan (1.8%).

Thus, segmenting by continents, from Asia is sent over 40% of all junk mails world. Spain, meanwhile stays close to the Top Ten, occupying the 13th position with 1.7% of the total.

The report Spamionship for the third quarter of last year has also shown that more and less spam is sent to the Western and the Eastern countries.

As explained from SOPHOS, the majority of spam is sent from zombie computers , i.e. computers that have been infected by bots and are managed by a third party that collects on farms called bots to send mass spam or perform denial of service attacks, among others. That is why what this report truly reflects is that Asian teams are becoming more vulnerable to infection of this type of malware, so spam submissions computers using this source increases.

And it is not just enough to install a good antivirus in your computer, but common sense is essential for the protection of data and equipment . In the words of Paul Teijeira, Director General of Sophos Iberia, “suspicious of emails from unknown sources or links in social networks with sensational cases is essential if we want to keep our equipment safe.”