How will the 5G network work ?

Although the standards for 5G yet been established, and commercial networks are expected in 2020, Ericsson is already showing core functionality for 5G, which will be crucial to allow widespread adoption of technology from the perspective of both consumers and communication between devices (machine-type communication – MTC).

Following the impressive results of tests, when Ericsson throughput reached 5 Gb/s radio test 5G technology, showcased two technological milestones that has shown on the World Mobile Congress this month in Barcelona:

  • 5G dual-LTE connectivity
  • Multipoint connections in 5G network.

The latest test equipment company, Ericsson Radio tests 5G focuses on the interaction between mobile devices and radio access network, both indoors and in the open space and includes:

Dual-LTE connectivity 5G: 5G device may vary between areas which are covered with radio access networks LTE and 5G, with which can build a parallel connection and can smoothly pass the connection between the two network types. Support for dual connectivity 5G-LTE will enable 5G networks offering support multiple standards and frequency bands in the establishments and in the radio network.

Multipoint network 5G Mobile device connects to the two base stations 5G networks simultaneously, which will increase transmission speed and throughput of the network through multiple data streams, as well as increase resistance to weak signal or its variations. Multipoint networks 5G will be essential to support multi-layer networks containing coverage in macro.

5G technology will have an impact on the entire mobile network and related ecosystem of devices via radio access, IP core and use the cloud. From the perspective of radio access 5G represents the evolution of today’s technology, and LTE networks, and a new radio access technology, at higher frequencies. Close cooperation between different frequency bands, technological standards and network layers will be critical to ensuring a smooth connection billion connected devices, machines and “things” that will support customer, commercial and industrial applications.

Test equipment company Ericsson, containing 5G device and base station radio network 5G operating at 15 GHz frequency band, as well as the technological demonstrations available on the Ericsson booth at the World Mobile Congress in Hall 2, Stand 2N60.

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