Buy E-ink shoes and have a new one everyday

It appears we have just barely started to see the capability of e-ink. Its broadest use is, obviously, in tablets; then there’s the Pebble savvy, the e-ink YotaPhone, the e-ink multi-card, even e-ink estimating labels for grocery store shows. Anyhow it additionally has solid potential in fashion industry particularly since the development of adaptable e-paper. Take the Volvorii Timeless peep-toe heels, made by new Lithuania-based startup iShüu Technologies, as of now looking for subsidizing on Indiegogo.


The shoes come in both highly contrasting, and it can be tweaked to a mixed bag of designed outfits on account of an adaptable e-ink show that is incorporated into the shoe’s upper portion. Concealed into an empty cut out of the shoe’s sole is a Bluetooth low-vitality recipient, which permits the wearer to program the e-ink show in either square dark or white, or with an example to match their outfit, from polka specks to creature stripes to blossoms.

The Volvorii’s clean, exquisite, strong configuration brings gravitas, regard and convention in an unmistakable way. Whether you are a CEO at the summit of your industry or a forthcoming assistant who got it as a graduation present striving for your first meeting in the corporate world, the Volvorii will convey you with elegance.


The shoe will likewise have physical and in addition computerized customisation alternative. On the highest point of the toe and back of the heel are stays, to which the wearer can connect adornments a blossom or bow on the toe for instance, and a lower leg strap on the back.

An alternate remote module in the sole permits the shoe’s presentation to be charged without links. On the other hand, on the grounds that e-ink obliges so little power, it will just need to be charged like clockwork at most.


In this way, the iShüu group has made a working model, made to contend in the Louis Vuitton Prize, however now the group looks for subsidizing to turn the model into a last item.

The group is presently offering the Volvorii Timeless shoes as a prize for an Indiegogo brisk riser vow of $149, restricted to 10 sets; the consistent crowdfunding cost is $249. RRP is yet to be declared. The group is assessing a conveyance date of December not long from now; you can discover more information on the Volvorii Indiegogo page.