5 Eco-Friendly Technologies everyone should use

Today , Everyone says that growing technology is making our world very advance and helping a lot to do our work easily. But this technology is not going to be good for our nature. The more technology grows, the more it harms our earth . But , There are many ways in which we can save energy and be Eco-friendly by using Eco-friendly technologies . The growing technology offers us a lot of options to Go green.  Below are some of the Eco-friendly technologies we can use:

1. Solar Windows

Solar Window

Solar windows look just like our conventional windows with the extra ability to generate energy. They are coated with a transparent dye which captures and redirects the light along the surface to photo voltaic cells in the window frame. These cells in turn convert the light into energy. These cells are really smart as they absorb only the Infra-red light and let the visible light to pass through, thus making the solar windows act exactly as our conventional ones.

Solar panels generate more energy during noon and less during mornings and evenings as the sun is low in the sky and the sides of the building are brightly illuminated. During, these times of the day Solar Windows could fill in the gap of the solar panels providing us a larger surface area than the solar panels alone. These will not be expensive as well and should cover the electricity needs of the entire household. It is one Eco-friendly technology many households will adapt in future.

2. Rain Water Harvesting Tanks

rainwater harvesting

Water is essential, because we cannot live without it. Collecting rain water is one of the simplest and efficient ways of saving water. The water collected can be used for a variety of domestic purposes. It can be used in toilets, cleaning the garden, washing clothes, washing cars and for many more purposes. Households can save up to 50 to 60 % of their water needs using this Eco-friendly system.
There are quite a few companies out there that provide rain water harvesting tanks that can be used in our households and it is not very heavy on the pocket as well.

3. Energy Saving Light Bulbs (LED Light Bulbs)

Led Bulb

LED lights are something that instantly come to mind when we talk about energy-saving light bulbs. There are many advantages in using LED light bulbs in place of the traditional incandescent bulbs. First, there is energy-saving as LED bulbs consume about 80-85% less energy to generate light when compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs. Thus, it consumes less electricity. Second, LED light bulbs are way more durable, they can last up to 15 to 20 years making it a really cost-effective option to go for. Though they are a little expensive, they pay off their costs pretty soon due to all the cost savings involved.

And, this is not the only thing they have to offer, These LED lights are Eco friendly as they emit almost ten times less Carbon Dioxide out in the Environment. Therefore, this is one Eco- Friendly technology everyone should try to implement.

4. Power Adapters


Energy saving devices don’t always need complex and expensive installations and Power Adapters are an example of just that. These adapters limit the power given to devices so that they don’t use up more power than that is needed. If the appliance needs a certain amount of power to function, the power adapter automatically cuts off the supply after the requirement of the appliance has been met. This is thus far the easiest Eco friendly technology to use.

Green Plug is a company that is a major player in the market for Power adapters.

5. Smart Power Strips


power strip

Our electronic appliances consume some power when they are plugged into the switch board even when we are not using them. These switch boards suck in the electricity even when you don’t need it. When you turn off your computer, you can see the LED light on your monitor still on, when you turn off the TV, you can see that the DVD set, the gaming console , the home theatre system are all still on. Apart from the above there are many electronic appliances that work on standby mode which makes it convenient to use but drains out a lot of energy and hence increases your carbon output into the environment.

Smart power strips automatically handle all the above things. Switching off the TV set ensures that all components associated with the TV set are automatically turned off and this results in saving us some energy. We could manually unplug these devices when we don’t need them but a smart power strip doesn’t go hard on our pocket and saves us from these hassles.

These also give users an advance feature to remotely connect to their home appliances through mobile devices using a smart phone app. Users can turn the appliance on or off and also set up a timer to do it for them.

There are many more Eco-Friendly Technologies. Still, these can be the perfect for a perfact start