The creator of Warcraft urged to include video games in the Olympics.

As we all know, Olympic games provide best opportunity for sportsmen and athletes to show their talent to the world and win medals for their country, no wonder If you soon see Video Gamers wearing medals and waving their country flags in the same arena. The creator of Warcraft game, Rob Pardo believes that video games competition should also  be included in the Olympics. He proposed to introduce computer games competition in Olympics.

Rob Pardo expressed his thoughts and opinion to BBC  in an interview

“Video games come to that level to become a sport. You can do anything with graphics, making them really fun and competitive sports,”

– said the creator of the popular game.

According to Pardo, the professional participants will have special skills, especially the ability to immediately respond and make important decisions.

However, the creator of Warcraft believes that such competition will be difficult to obtain the status of an Olympic sport. The reason, he explained, is the interpretation of the concept of “sport” in the framework of the Olympic Games.

“If you want to define sport as physical activity, to prove that video games should be considered in sports, will be difficult. At the same time, when I look at what is happening at the Olympics, I’m starting to doubt this interpretation”

– said Pardo.

You’re probably already laughing at the notion of professional gaming as an Olympic Sport but there is already a campaign started where more than 94000 people from 211 countries signed to make eSports (Video Game Competitions) an Olympics event.

You may not like the idea but there are thousands of gamers want to see it as an event of the Olympics Program

Now i want to hear from you.  What do you think about it? Should video games be an event in the Olympic games?  The comment box awaits you !!