Thorium Powered Cars of The Future

All the major vehicles and activities use fossil fuels in the current scenario. However, we all know that these fossil fuels are not as easily renewed. The making of fossil fuels require a long time span and are produced only under drastic conditions of temperature and future. The rate at which these fossil fuels have been used in the past and also today has greatly threatened the reserves to a point of extinction. Rising prices for the same is an evidence indicating this situation only. In such critical times researchers have tried out many other alternatives to provide clean energy but all of them are not as efficient. Some methods might generate a lot of power but their setup installation costs a lot. So the last alternative is the nuclear power.

There have been many debates regarding the use of nuclear power and the hazardous by products of it. But it is of a common knowledge that nuclear duels do provide efficient and large amount of power with a very small input. Till now these methods were not used because it was assumed that they might trigger uncontrolled reaction resulting in far more casualties than any other mishaps. But now scientists have overcome this parameter and have stipulated that soon we may have thorium operated cars which will have efficiency we have not yet witnessed.

Laser Power Systems have taken a step forward in this field to improve their thorium technology which first seemed to be very unauthentic and dangerous. Although we have seen many electric cars that run on clean energy but their efficiency is highly questionable. These thorium powered cars will eliminate all such doubts and provide you with the best transport facility there has ever been. The company claims that this car would become a hand it down artifact for the coming generation as it would require refueling in 100 years. Your car will break down but it will not ask you for fuel.

A spokesman from the Laser Power Systems explained that by using thorium they generate a laser beam which is used to heat up water. The steam thus produced will power up the engines and run the car. It is quite efficient process since the power generated will be massive and so in controlled process the fuel will burn out very slow taking a span of 100 years. But there are many other factors that need to be considered. Since a radioactive element is being used there might arise a question of radiation threat. The company assures that a single aluminum foil sheet will provide sufficient screening from the harmful radiations.


As far as any damage is concerned that will be the users vigilance. If the hull of car gets damaged, there might be some chances of radiation poisoning. But to provide security from that the car is built from a much better, strong and damage resistant material. But one’s own safety is one’s own priority. The question is would such a car be successful in the market, the answer to this, only time will give.