Facebook is developing ‘artificial assistant’ to stop you drunk posting

In last few years, we have seen Facebook is doing a lot of work to create more awareness in the society. Facebook always try to make their social network more interesting and helpful for the people. But, in the website everyone is free to share anything they want. This may help us to share our thoughts and opinion with freedom. We can be connected with our own people. But wait ! what happens when you are drunk and using facebook ?

On that time, this freedom may break relationships, keep your own people away from you or your boss may say get lost to you. Because you can post anything that can hurt or expose something that you don’t want to show to anyone .

To overcome this problem, Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research department chief Yann LeCun has said they are developing an “artificial assistant” who will recognise when you are about to post a selfie of your night out that you may not want your boss/parent to see.

He told Wired the “intelligent digital assistant” would tell you (virtually) “Uh, this is being posted publicly. Are you sure you want your boss and your mother to see this?”

Facebook will also notify you when someone you don’t know publishes a picture of you without your explicit approval. “You will have a single point of contact to mediate your interaction but also to protect your private information,” LeCun said.

The tool would recognise the difference between a user’s drunken and sober state through facial recognition technology.

The comments come shortly after Zuckerberg said he was “thinking” about developing a dislike button. “A lot of times people share things on Facebook that are sad moments in their lives. Often people tell us that they don’t feel comfortable pressing ‘like’ because ‘like’ isn’t the appropriate sentiment,”