Speak to me (STM): Conceptual Bracelet Phones

Bracelet Phones

Wearable technology is the current fashion statement. Not only people are looking forward to dress beautifully, they also expect to have smart gadgets on the go and just a smartphone in the bag doesn’t suffice the needs. 

After touchscreens the world of technology is standing straight for new breakthroughs, gesture control and voice recognition being the first to introduce themselves. Many gadgets have hit the stores who have applied voice recognition but their accuracy and dependability is still in question. Over the time, even watches have evolved, providing better option than just checking out time. Inspired from the movies, spyware always seem to revolve around the wrist. This new gadget would allow you to fulfill that fantasy and make you feel as important as a spy. These bracelet gadgets have quite attracted the interests of tech-craving mass of the society. After the introduction of watch phones in the market, the all new Speak-to-me bracelet is set to make its first appearance.

Bracelet Phones

Nicolas Nicolaou has come up with a fabulous design of a bracelet with in-built voice recognition mechanism to perform various tasks. Nicolaou’s designing talents has been made obvious through his designs of gadgets, cutlery, furniture, home appliances, medical equipment and loads more. Apart from winning several awards, the latest feather in his hat is an invitation to participate in the ‘Design and The Elastic Mind’ exhibition to be held at the Museum of Modern Art, NY. The Greek designer has integrated high-tech features including a vibrant touch screen. This is the latest gadget is a mobile phone that simultaneously works as an electronic watch. The modular design of the STM cell phone also allows it to be worn like a bracelet around your wrist. Featuring a built in scrolling function, letting you move between various functions available on the device and a built in camera, allowing the users to take photos and send real time images, the wearable Cell-phone is compatible with both touch screen and voice recognition technology. The phone can be worn on your wrist like a bracelet or a wristwatch. Moreover, users can turn on or off the mobile-phone through the green or red line depict onto it. The phone may be activated or deactivated via the green or red line given in the device. It also has a built in camera which enables the users to click pictures and be able to send the same in real time. There is no such feature that this phone lacks and it all fits right onto your wrist.

Bracelet Phones

Accepting or rejecting a call becomes can be done using the appropriate colour lines at the sides of the screen. Chic and extremely stylish, the phone is still at the conceptual stage. Still, the state-of-the-art watch phone lacks nothing in elegance from the latest timepieces in the market. Its sleek design has inspired many other gadgets and its robustness is far better than any other devices in its category. Speak To Me (STM) Bracelet Phone is an innovation par excellence for sure.

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