F-secure’s free smartphone app to surf Internet anonymously

F-Secure, a Security solutions firm has introduced a mobile application, Freedome app, for surfing the Internet anonymously.
The company claims the app enables users mask their IP address and hide their real location. It further claimed that this app is an ideal choice to counter cyber snooping.

“When you connect to the Internet, your device is assigned a unique IP address. Freedome masks your IP, so you can surf anonymously under the protective F-Secure Cloud. All that is precious -– from identity to location -– stay hidden and private,” F-Secure Country Manager (India and SAARC) Amit Nath told PTI.

Freedome can be used for total anonymity, even from F-Secure. F-Secure does not log user’ traffic or user name or contact details, he said

“With Connection Protection, government officials and any regular user can stay anonymous, shielded wherever you go. While using WiFi, your traffic is encrypted so nobody can tap into your communications,” he said.

With the Virus Protection and Browsing Protection that Freedome app offers, one can face the world from the security of your own private network, he added.

Digital technology has transformed the world, empowered and connected people, but at the same time digital freedom and privacy rights are under attack, he said.

“Our users are totally anonymous from start to finish -– even from us. We are a security company, but we don’t believe security should come at the expense of privacy,” Nath added.


Download F-secure Freedome App

1. For Android: Google Play Store
2. For iOS: Apple iTunes
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  1. Need to use multi layered secrurity please. !!

    Locate your cloud servers in China and other unfriendly nations and use TORs exit nose strategy concept on your servers plus encrypted tunnels.

    I feel the servers in America are volnerable to seizure by officials. Hard disk tools can recover erased data and you could be held liable for providing the means or not keeping or deleting records. Then you might cooperate. Ouch.

    Software bugs also are a risk. Like TORs recent update that opened a hole.

    By using exit nodes with false IPs , encryption, and unfriendly location hosting you can randomly change servers and never know where data might be. Can’t get them all . If they try yu can remotely wipe or call a tech to destroy it manually and toss in the ocean.

    Just a thought.

  2. Not available in the US app store ???

  3. sorry.
    After several refreshes it is finally shown.
    But what does FREE app means when it requires in-app subscription?

  4. FREE for one week use only. Watch the whole video

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