Hold Your lover’s Hand, No Matter how Far you are

If you are one of those numerous long distance lovers and always wanting to feel you lovers hand. Now guess what? All your prayers and devotions have been answered.
Frebble has collaborated with Skype and Google+ hangouts. It will allow you to hold your lover`s hand from anywhere around the world, reported by Daily Mail on Monday.

Frebble works with Skype and Google+ hangouts so the lovers can see, hear and feel each other while video chatting. Frebble uses haptic technology which imitates the sense of someone squeezing your hand by using a pair of small devices. This device is not only for lovers its been made for all the relations from Mother to Daughter to Son to Sister to brother to Father.

When Frebble will be squeezed by one person the other device will apply pressure to the back of your partner`s hand. This whole process will imitate that your holding each other`s hands. A Multicolored LED will indicate the connection and when a squeezing is waiting. Frebble will be charged by a Micro-USB Cable and it will be compatible with Google Chrome Version 24 or higher and Firefox Version 16 or higher.

 Android and IOS Versions of this Gadget`s app will be available from September, When it is due to be shipped. The cost of a pair is $89(£52) exclusive of shipping, shipping charges will be extra as an early bird special on Kickstarter. They were invented in Amsterdam, Netherlands by an entrepreneur named Frederic Petrignani.
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