AirType Project: ‘Keyboardless’ keyboard in the offing

AirType project

What if you can type on any surface to get rid of the pain of mobile phone typing? With the AirType project, this is a near possibility.

A Texas-based hardware and machine learning startup, AirType is developing a “keyboardless keyboard” accessory that allows you to type on any surface for your phone.
Unlike projection keyboards, the AirType project has no visual component.

It uses a pair of cuff-like sensor units that go around your hands and over the knuckles.
The units track your finger moments to detect which keys you are striking, or would strike, on your ‘invisible’ mobile tablet keyboard.

According to the developers, the small AirType cuffs clip onto your tablet like a pair of friendly barnacles.
The accessories would also come with an app that incorporates dynamic text correction and prediction, developers added.

According to the Air Type website:

“AirType is a hardware and machine learning startup based in Austin, Texas.We are currently developing a keyboardless keyboard, because the typing experience on mobile devices is terrible. We are in an early prototype stage.”

The project is still in the prototype stage and if you want to get their updates you can subscribe by email at .