What is the mystery behind giant locker in San Francisco?

Amazon Locker

A giant sized Amazon locker has been plotted near the Ferry Building this week.This locker is drawing the attention of many bystanders and a lot of conjecture. Amazon will untangle the mystery with an announcement today.

There are so many speculation surrounding this giant locker that they could be found in other places as well.

This orange colored locker is a giant version of the locker systems presented by Amazon through 7-11, Staples and other retailers countrywide. This box has a function able keypad and a display screen, apart from above mentioned things it also has a misplace lunch box.

Amazon`s 3-yr-old locker agenda is fixed in many cities across the USA, which includes SF where there are 8 of them. This locker provides consumers, the physical presence of Amazon where they can pick up and return products- which are free of expensive delivery services.

The mystery speculating around these boxes makes you think of similar thing done by Google this year.

Google put floating barge in San Francisco Bay and Portland, Maine. They are the interactive ways for people to view technology.

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Source-: USA Today