Asus to come up with Zenphone devices on April 11th

Asus is now ready to launch three models of Asus Zenphone devices in Chinese market on April 11th.
The Taiwan-based manufacturer is ready with three models of Asus Zenphone to be marketed in China namely, Asus Zenphone 4, Zenphone 5 and Zenphone 6. Also, these devices are assigned names according to screen size; 4inch, 5inch & 6inch respectively.

All of these devices will be loaded with an Intel Atom dual-core processor combined with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean O.S. out of the box and if available, they’ll be provided with KitKat updates later.

Asus announced that the devices will be available in the Chinese market from April 11th.

These devices will be available at an affordable price, i.e., Asus Zenphone 4 will be offered at $100 USD , Zenphone 5 at $150 USD and Zenphone 6 at $200 USD price tag.

But still, there are doubts wether the devices will be available outside the Chinese market or not!

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