A GPS Based software has been developed which can tell how far your e-mail has traveled

A GPS based software which calculate the miles of an e-mail has traveled before reaching the inbox has been developed. The name of this software is “E-mail miles” it uses GPS and internet to track from where a message is sent and received from.

This software calculates the distance between the two things and displays it with a map on the screen. Johan Bruker-Cohan is the developer of the software he says it would tell people that how quickly they can communicate in this digital world.

This software shows how indirect the route of e-mails can be for ex- an email sent from New York to Dakar, Senegal showed how this software works. It traveled 270 miles (1,271 KM) to a server in Chicago, Illinois and went 2,163 miles(3,481KM) to London and 2,178 miles (4,374 KM) for its destination approximate that e-mail traveled 12,115 miles(19,497KM) for reaching its destination.

Bruker cohan said the software uses internet and a mapping system for all of its calculations. when all of the calculations are done the software provides the user all the distance, map, countries, continents and miles the e-mail has traveled