Nokia officially walks away from Symbian, MeeGo

Nokia’s plan to stop supporting Symbian and MeeGo apps has been completed.

The end of support for Symbian- and MeeGo-based applications in the Nokia Store is officially here, the company said Thursday on its Symbian Signed Twitter account.

Not long after announcing the sale of its devices and services business to Microsoft, Nokia told developers that as of January 1, 2014, they would no longer be able to offer up new apps or update existing apps in the Nokia Store for the two largely defunct mobile OSes. The move is designed to focus Nokia’s efforts on Windows Phone and its low-cost Asha line.

“With the growing business opportunities available on the Asha and Windows Phone platforms, we have been reviewing our developer content programs to see how we can maximize our support to you, our developers,” Nokia wrote in October. “As a result of this review, we have decided to focus our support and investment in new content toward Asha and Windows Phone.”

Symbian was once central to Nokia’s success. But as the iOS and Android onslaught hit Nokia hard, the company decided to ditch Symbian and MeeGo and go with Windows Phone. Its Asha line, which has been in place for years, is central to the company’s efforts at appealing to developing countries.