5 Smart Home Technologies That Add Value to Your Home

Gone are the days when people used to do almost everything manually. Today, most home devices are digital and intelligent. The good news is that smart technology is rapidly developing, and people are willing to pay more for homes outfitted with smart home devices.

The appropriate smart home technology can play a critical role in boosting the value of your property. They make your house more attractive to prospective buyers due to the efficiency and convenience the technologies promise. Here are a few smart home technologies that can boost your home’s value.

1. Smart smoke detector

A smart smoke detector is a valuable product to install in your home. Smart smoke detectors are necessary in modern homes as they can save your life and money. They will alarm you when there are toxic gasses or smoke in your home.

The device will also send you an alert when the level of its battery is low, ensuring you don’t have a false sense of security. When you decide to sell your house, buyers such as Four 19 Properties will pay more due to the added valuable feature.

2. Smart shades

Similar to a smart thermostat, a smart home shade also plays a crucial role in reducing a home’s utility bills. It regulates the amount of natural light penetrating your house when you are not home. This smart home technology is programmed to work even when you are not home. It can give outsiders the impression that you are not home, meaning you can also use it to deter possible burglars.

Experts today use new materials that allow your windows to let light in without increasing your home’s warmth. This ability of smart shades to control heat and light is incredibly beneficial in reducing energy bills.

3. Smart video doorbell

Smart video doorbells are easy to use and install. This home technology will allow you to view and communicate with front-door visitors. Another significant benefit is that you can connect the intelligent doorbells to your phone. This connection allows you to keep in touch with your guests even when you are away from home.

4. Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat gives you complete control over your house’s hot water and temperature. This home technology can boost the value of your property by a significant amount. It allows you to control hot water and temperature from afar.

Smart thermostats detect when the temperature rises beyond a specific limit, then send the information to a receiver and reduce the heating. One of the biggest advantages of a digital thermostat is that it helps you lower your monthly energy or electricity consumption and bills.

5. Smart door locks

Smart door locks are the cornerstones of smart homes and home automation. These locks allow easy home access as you only need fingerprints or a number panel to open your home. One of the best things about smart door locks is that you can get notifications on when your door opens and who opened it if you have different assigned entry codes. This technology plays an additional role in increasing your home’s security.


Smart home technologies are the cornerstone of home automation. These smart home technologies can play an essential role in boosting the value of your home, whether you are constructing a house from the ground up or selling an existing one.

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