Haven’s Smart Lock To Protect Next-Gen Homes

The ever increasing demand of smart home devices has brought yet another superb invention. This era is marked by some of the most fantastic and mind boggling devices and gadgets that human had never witnessed before. In today’s date we need smart phones, multi- tasking gadgets and robotic home automation systems to simplify our daily tasks and make our life luxurious. This need has greatly triggered scientists and inventors all over the world to develop such technology so as to harbor this need and hence it gave birth to the fact that technological advancements never cease. Speaking of home automation, security plays a major role. Technology coupled with security is an essential in smart homes. To achieve this objective Haven has brought forth its smart lock for the next generation homes.

The smart lock has become a popular target for product innovators, but it seems that everyone has the same thought process – using outdated, vulnerable dead bolts. Haven challenges this, creating a stronger smart lock for a safer future. The device is installed at the base of your door, using the house as the platform to secure the door. This solid wedge is slim and minimal, measuring in at just 0.8-inches tall, but has no problem keeping the door closed tightly thanks to the implementation of torque servo motors. Of course it is a smart lock, and that means it works remotely using your smartphone – but that’s not all it does on the “smart” end of the spectrum. Haven has also been outfitted with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, a backup battery, and a manual release to ensure you exit easily in emergency situations. There’s also a built-in accelerometer that detects forced entry attempts and alerts the homeowner. Haven is connected to your smart phone so that it can be locked and unlocked using a smartphone app, or even sense as you come home and unlock itself as you walk up towards it.

The smart lock can also create digital keys that you can share with friends or family using your smartphone or any computer using the web. In the event of a mechanical failure the door lock has a foot release that doesn’t need power to unlock it. When the battery starts to get low it will start to send you battery notifications to your phone at 10%, as the battery reaches 5% the device enters a local state that can only be accessed via Bluetooth, once it begins to reach 0% the device enters a hibernation state that can only be accessed every 15 minutes via Bluetooth, and if you’re stupid enough to let it go below that you’ll probably be breaking a window to get in to your house. The Haven is installed easily with a drill and socket set, will work only on hard surfaced floors such as hard wood, vinyl, tile, etc. and is currently in funding phase on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of August of 2015 at a price of $269 on release.