WoW Dragonflight Prepares Lots of New Features for Gamers Worldwide

The next major expansion will be a new experience for both veterans and new players around the world. We can expect something completely new to come, and many players have been waiting for this for years, so we can expect that finally the requests of the players have been heard. The exact release date is not yet known, but we can already say that this will be a large-scale event that will surely please many users.

Now all attention will be focused on several islands, where huge and terrible flying creatures that spit fire once lived. This land was theirs and nothing threatened them here. However, soon their help was needed elsewhere, and they were forced to leave their native lands, where everything flourished. Thus, they entrusted their homeland to titan people made of stone. In the new expansion, we will see the long-awaited return of dragons to their homeland and the beginning of a new era.

From the very beginning, this long history was shrouded in some kind of mystery for all players. Everyone heard little about this story since this story was only mentioned at some points in the plot. In addition, many users on the Internet could observe colorful drawings on this topic. At the same time, we still know little about how it all began, where these creatures came from, and how people made of stone were able to create something like this. At first, there were 5 flocks, but much has changed since then.

New race and class


With the release of expansions throughout the existence of the game, we could see how new races appeared that each player could choose, get new experiences, and also get to know something completely new. The same will happen with this expansion, which will give us a new opportunity to have an unforgettable experience.

This time we will be able to see the emergence of a new race called the Draktirs. They are a mixture of a simple man with a dragon. As planned, this race appeared many millennia ago. It originated in the very place where the dragons lived. The most interesting thing is that now everyone will be able to play for such a character and in the process turn into a mystical creature. You can even choose which pack you want to belong to.

The arrival of a new race means that there will also be a new class called the Evoker. In this case, only the one who chooses this race will be able to choose a new class. If you choose this race, then you will no longer be able to select any of the existing classes.

This class is distinguished by powerful ranged combat. It will be possible to heal, as well as to strike from a long distance. We will observe the appearance of fascinating animations that will display the whole essence of this race, that is, the nature of dragons. You will be able to advance on your enemy with your powerful wings, as well as spew fire to fry the enemy. In addition, it will be possible to gain access to new knowledge.

Change of the game world


Each expansion brings a lot of new features and the new expansion is no exception. We could see how some parts of the game were either improved and updated, or new game models appeared.

If we talk about the latest expansion, then here we saw many different settings with which you could change your game character, new spells, and previously unknown creatures appeared. In this expansion, we will also see new changes, but more than that, we will be able to observe the change of the entire game world, as it will be given a new look, thanks to changes in graphics.

Many people have already gotten used to the way things look, but it’s time for a massive change, and so we’ll see a lot of old areas get a fresh look. The most interesting thing is that since the release of the game and for more than 16 years, some game moments have remained unchanged, even with the release of new expansions. With this expansion, the game will be livelier. Everything will look modern and if you like the classics, then enjoy it while there is time.

Innovations in professions and the UI


Players have always paid much attention to the development of their chosen profession. Everyone did their best to progress and level up as quickly as possible. To do this, many enthusiastically engaged in the collection of various raw materials for the manufacture of items, so that later they could be used in challenging tasks like raids and dungeons. Fortunately, in the most difficult situations, you can use WoW Boosting Service and additionally get achievements, armor sets, exclusive mounts, and many other things.

Soon it will be possible not only to buy and craft items but also to ask your friends if they can create the desired item quickly. You can even supply your friends with the necessary materials to help them speed up the process. Standard and well-known professions will receive new equipment and other novelties that will pleasantly surprise you.

The changes will also affect the user interface, which will become more flexible. This is not to say that the user interface was particularly convenient and, in this regard, many players used various add-ons to make everything as comfortable as possible for themselves. The developers claim that they have taken into account all the requests and the new user interface will be even better.

Flight on dragons

Everyone is familiar with the existence of mounts on which you can move around. However, these flights were not something exciting. The mechanics were pretty simple. These movements will become more dynamic.

In addition to changing the mechanics, each player will now be able to ride the dragon and go on an exciting flight. On this mount, it will be possible not only to ride but also to customize it.


The new expansion is preparing for us a lot of large-scale features. We will see how the changes will affect the appearance of a new race, class, and mount. The whole world is being modified and will receive an updated look. Not much is known yet, but we can already expect that it will be incredibly interesting.