How to get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go?

Every month, Pokemon Go users may earn free Remote Raid Passes to combat Legendary Pokemon in online battles, so here’s how to get your hands on the coveted item in May 2022. Remote Raid Passes were first added to Pokemon Go in 2020, expanding the game’s famous Raid function by allowing users to connect remotely to 5-star battles. Trainers can engage in battles while remaining at home.

Let’s take a look at the current techniques for obtaining Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go.

How to get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go?

Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go let you join Raids from your present position on the Nearby screen, eliminating the need to travel.

By obtaining these passes, you will be able to enter raids and possibly confront Legendary Pokemon! Every Monday in April, users could redeem a bundle in the shop for 1 Poke Coin, which included a free Remote Raid Pass as well as other valuable things. It is yet to be confirmed whether this will be the case in May 2022, but as soon as we have more information, we’ll be sure to update you right here.

The passes are simple to use. Look at the bottom right-hand side of the main game screen. A pair of binoculars can be found there. Select the bar with the silhouetted’mon’ under that. A new tab will be opened. At the top, you’ll find the word ‘Raid.’ Then, choose an existing raid that you want to join. If you have any passes, click the huge pink ‘Battle’ button – a number next to it will show how many you have. After that, you’ll be able to participate in the remote Raid Battle and make your way towards catching the next cool’mon on your list.

At the moment, the only other way to obtain Remote Raid Passes is to purchase them from the Pokemon Go in-game shop. Trainers can purchase one pass for 100 PokeCoins or three passes for 250 PokeCoins. While coins can be acquired, you can also accumulate them while you play.

While earning PokeCoins through this approach is possible, it’s important to note that the rate is rather low, as you can’t earn over 50 coins in a period of 24 hours. If you do it a lot over a long enough length of time, you’ll earn enough coins to be able to swap them for Remote Raid Passes at the shop to top you up.


We have explained how to get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go along with everything you need to know about it above thoroughly. Hope this guide will help you to acquire it in-game. Mention any queries you may have in the comment section below.