Dying light 2 Review – The open world jungle gym

Dying light was the breath of fresh air needed in the saturated zombies gaming scene. The game came out at the point when zombies as a concept were dying and brought with it the fear that got lost from years of repetition. The game had everything survival, zombies, melee combat, horror, dropkicks, etc. The game also presented the player with a unique day-night cycle where the zombies are fairly docile and harmless during the daytime. At night the zombies become extremely aggressive and dangerous, new enemies would roam the streets who could demolish the player with no chance to fight back making it all about the fight and losing everything or fleeing.

Dying light 2, released on 4 Feb 2022, is continuing its successful trend-setting formula and added more layers of fun mechanics, smarter combat, and a parachute. After its launch, it managed to reach 2,40,000 concurrent players becoming one of the most popular games on Steam. So, let’s take a deeper look at the sequel of the unforgettable Dying light developed and published by Techland.

Zombies are hungry for some flesh, again!!!

The latest AAA zombies sequel wasn’t what we expected. It has everything good from the last game, and now it has elements from Mirror’s Edge. We can now parkour through the open world of Dying light 2. The open world of Dying light 2 is filled with unique ways to traverse through it as you complete missions, kill renegades( human enemy in dying light 2), dropkick some zombie ass. The world has added elevations with few open fields and limited space to move around during combat.

The world of Dying light 2 is based in a city ravaged by zombie infections. The day-night cycle is reintroduced into the game with nights being even more deadly and difficult to escape from. The zombies now lie dormant in buildings during the day and you must stealthily move around without alerting them. Human enemies are present around the city and pose a higher-level threat than zombies during the day.

You also have an infection meter that stays topped off during the day and when under UV light and slowly ticks down to zero at night. You must survive the night while also making sure your infection level doesn’t touch zero or you turn to the thing you hate the most, a zombie.

The Story

When the first zombie outbreak in Harran ended, the Global Relief Effort (GRE) responsible for the zombie outbreak continued experimenting on the virus and created a deadlier version of the Zombie virus that quickly spread across the entire world in an event called “The Fall”. Now the human population has almost been wiped out and the remaining population lives in small human settlements and walled cities safe from the extremes of the zombie pandemic.

Dying Light 2 takes place decades after the first game, to be specific 15 years after the fall, in the walled city of Villedor. The city is in control of 3 factions the survivors, the peacemakers, and the renegades. You, the main protagonist Aiden Caldwell, are a Pilgrim, an individual who travels between human settlements. You are in search of your lost sister, Mia and that search has led to Villedor.

The story aspect of this game is kinda lacking, but this shortfall has been totally buried by the next aspect.

Gameplay review

It’s a zombies game, a good one at that. So the gameplay has everything you would ask of a zombies game. Surviving the impossible, with limited resources and avoiding zombies, and if necessary killing them. The game adds on top of these unique mechanics making the game one of the best zombie games ever. The day-night cycle adds an enhanced layer of complex strategizing and the fear which has been missing recent zombies games. The Parkour system in an open-world setting that is inside a zombie apocalypse might as well be the smartest idea implemented in any gaming.

This game is, in our opinion, totally worth it gameplay-wise. You get so much raw sandbox that you can easily put in 2-3 hours into the game ignoring the main quest and just goofing around the vast open of Dying light 2.

Buy or Skip!

Buy, no questions asked. It is a game that we guarantee you would revisit multiple times down the line. The scenarios, the music score, the gameplay, the zombies, the dropkick, the parachute, and much more. All these are just a small piece of the bigger pie which we recommend you to try right now.