New Valorant Duelist: Neon Abilities breakdown

Valorant’s new agent, Neon is finally been unveiled and with this agent release, Valorant has finally entered a new category of competitive shooter distinguishing itself from CSGO. Here’s a rundown on the New addition to Valorant roster, Neon’s abilities, her lore, and more!

It was quite surprising for Riot to strive away from their usual cycle of the new map, new agent, and add a new agent as the new addition to the game. With patch 4.0, Riot released the new agent Neon and we’ve got all the details here to help you dominate the game with Neon.

Who is Neon?

neon valorant

Country of Neon: Philipins

Hailing from Manila, VALORANT’s new recruit, a young duelist who can outpace the rest of the roster, is shocking the competition and sliding straight into fights. With radiant abilities based on electricity, she was recruited into the Valorant protocol to help KJ build a teleporter to Earth 2 where the next new map will be situated.

She is equipped with stuns similar to breach, damaging walls similar to a phoenix, and a game-breaking ultimate that rewards good object tracking.

Filipino Agent Neon surges forward at shocking speeds, discharging bursts of bioelectric radiance as fast as her body generates it. She races ahead to catch enemies off guard, then strikes them down quicker than lightning.

The personality of Neon seems to be on the softer side. She seems closer to her family as she called her mother as soon as she reached Valorant protocol headquarters. With a speed that blinds like the golden sun, Neon waits for no one except for her plushy friend named squishy.

Valorant: Neon Abilities

Neon’s ability allows her to slide between lines and cause disruption in the enemy’s formations. Below is the breakdown of Neon’s abilities and her unique signature ability.

Ability 1: Fast Lane [C]

fast lane

FIRE two energy lines forward on the ground that extends a short distance or until they hit a surface. The lines rise into two walls that block vision and damage enemies passing through.

Ability 2: Relay Bolt [Q]

Relay bolt

INSTANTLY throw an energy bolt that bounces once. Upon hitting each surface, the bolt electrifies the ground below with a concussive blast.

Signature Ability: High Gear [E]

High gear

INSTANTLY channel Neon’s high power for increased speed. When charged, ALT FIRE to trigger an electric slide. Slide charge resets every two kills.

Ultimate: Overdrive [X]


Unleash Neon’s full power and speed for a short duration. FIRE to channel the power into a deadly lightning beam with high movement accuracy.

The addition of Neon is probably the departure of Valorant from the old formula of CSGO of competitive pattern-based FPS experience which awards good mechanical skills to a new genre of creative tactical shooter never seen before. This agent’s electrifying speed will force gamers to adapt and overcome.

Alongside new Agent Neon, a fresh Battlepass, and skin line, Patch 4.0 brings a few weapons from out of the shadows, tones down some others, and improves the melee. Map changes to Bind, and Breeze, reshaped in areas that should adjust the attacker/defender dynamic. This Act bring a new chapter of great content brought by riot games in an attempt to keep the game fresh and entertaining.

Here’s our breakdown of the new young duelist Neon. Hop on to Valorant now to enjoy this brand new experience